Revision history for Parse-MediaWikiDump

1.0.6	Dec 04, 2010
	* Fix for bug #58196 - error "not a MediaWiki link dunp file" due 
	  to absence of 'LOCK TABLES ...' line in link dump file?
	* Added option to pass input to ::Pages constructor via named parameters so
	  that MediaWiki::DumpFile::Compat and ::Pages share the same API 
	* Software is nearly retired, only need more testing on MediaWiki::DumpFile::Compat;
	  Please begin using MediaWiki::DumpFile::Compat instead of this package and
	  report problems if you encounter them. 

1.0.5	Apr 21, 2010 
	* Updated docs pointing people to MediaWiki::DumpFile::Compat

1.0.4	Jan 04, 2010
	* Fixed bug #53361: Incorrectly assigned usernames 
	  with anon edits
	* Added support for getting access to IP of anonymous

1.0.3	Nov 21, 2009
	* Fixed bug #51607 "Build failed CPAN smoke test for 
	  for i686pc solaris" by specifying minimum version 
	  numbers for all dependencies in Makefile.PL.
1.0.2	Nov 15, 2009
	* Fixed bug #51461 "Warnings During Build" - now
	  the test process squelches the harmless 
	  warning from Test::Memory::Cycle. 

1.0.1	Nov 11, 2009
	* CPAN indexer did not like previous version number

1.0.0	Nov 11, 2009
	* Stable status achieved	
	* Slight speed tweak on character handler for XML
	* Added dependency on Devel::Cycle 1.11 as 1.10
	  causes a false positive to be thrown on the 
	  memory leak test

0.98 	Oct 28, 2009
	* Bumped processing speed back up
	* Fixed possible infinite loop scenario	
	* Ordered tests
	* Added test to find circular references

0.97	Oct 23, 2009
	* Fixed all known memory leaks
	* No more Object::Destroyer
	* Cleaned out some old cruft

0.96	Oct 22, 2009
	* Allowed parsing of 0.4 version XML dump files but not
	  support for new features
	* Added in a method to retrieve the version number of
	  the XML dump file

0.95	Oct 14, 2009
	* Found and removed a circular reference but it did not
	  stop the memory leak
	* Fixed bug 50092 - some times $page->text would return
	  a reference to an undefined value
	* Implemented support for compressed file GLOB objects per
	  bug 50241

0.94	Sep 28, 2009
	* Fix bug 49979 - "redirect in newer Wikipedia dumps" by allowing
	  unknown tag names to exist
0.93	Sep 15, 2009
	* Made ::Pages a subclass of ::Revisions
	* Discovered a bug regression: ::Pages and ::Revisions leak 
	  memory/are not properly garbage collected

0.92	Apr 15, 2009
	* Completed documentation for all modules
	* Added test for backwards compatibility to the pre-factory 
	  Parse::MediaWikiDump interface

0.91	May 13, 2009
	* Updated documentation to more explicitly list what kind of
	  dump files each parser object can deal with.
	* Added dependency on perl 5.8.8 for :utf8 compatibility. 
	* Split up lib/ into multiple files.
	* Fix for bug #46054 - using categories method of 
	  Parse::MediaWikiDump::page object causes script to crash.

0.90    May 07, 2009
	* Implemented new parsing engine and called it 
	  Parse::MediaWikiDump::Revisions. Soon it will be replacing
	  Parse::MediaWikiDump::Pages as a base engine. It is fully backwards
	  compatible so please feel free to test it in your existing utilities
	  and report success and failure to the author.
	* Moved namespace logic into Parse::MediaWikiDump::page and updated
	  Parse::MediaWikiDump::Pages to support it. 

0.51	May 31, 2008
	* Fix for bug 36255 "Parse::MediaWikiDump::page::namespace may return
  	  a string which is not really a namespace" provided by Amir E. Aharoni.
	* Moved test data into t/ and moved into examples/
	* Exceedingly complicated functions (parse_head() and parse_page()) are
	  not funny. Added some comments on how to rectify that situation.
	* Tightened up the tests a little bit.

0.50	Jun 27, 2006
	* Added category links parser.
	* Removed all instances of shift() from the code.

0.40	Jun 21, 2006
	* Increased processing speed by around 40%! Thank you
	  Andrew Rodland. 

0.33	Jun 18, 2006
	* Added current_byte and size methods to page dumper.

0.32	Feb 25, 2006
	* Added a line to create a package named Parse::MediaWikiDump so
	  the module will get listed on CPAN search and the cpan command
	  line tool.

0.31	Jan 10, 2006
	* Fix bug 16981 - Parse::MediaWikiDump::page->redirect does not work
	  with redirects that have a : in them.
 	* Fix bug 16981 part two: title with a non-breaking space in it would
	  come through as undefined.

0.30	December 23, 2005
	* the Pages and Links class now both use a method named next() to get
 	  the next record. The old link() and page() methods are retained for
	  now but should be migrated away from as soon as is convenient. 
 	* Added list of dump files that this module can process to the README

0.24	December 19, 2005
	* Fixed bug #16616 - the category method only works properly on English
	  language dump files. 

0.23	December 19, 2005
	* Fixed email address for author.
	* Fixed omission of namespace method for pages objects in the 
 	* Added limitations section to README.
	* Fixed bug #16583 - Module dies when parsing 
	  the 20051211 German Wikipedia dump. 
	* Added some comments to the source code.

0.22	September 15, 2005
	* Created some new and more comprehensive examples.
	* Parse::MediaWikiDump::Pages now dies with a specific error 
	  if it is asked to parse a comprehensive (full pages) dump file.
	* Updated Parse::MediaWikiDump::Links to new dump file format.
	* Added tests for Parse::MediaWikiDump::Links.
	* Solved a bug: Expat's current_byte method returns a 32 bit
	  signed integer and the english Wikipedia dumps cause the number to
          wrap; implemented a work around for this. 

0.21	September 10, 2005
	* Improve testing of Parse::MediaWikiDump::Pages
	* Fix silly bug related to opening file handle references
	* Found new bug: The links dump format has been changed and the
	  existing code can not parse the new format
   	* Found new bug: comprehensive dump files like 
	  20050909_pages_full.xml.gz cause the stack to grow too large and
	  the module to abort early. 

0.2    September 9, 2005
	* Add tests and test data

0.1    September 6, 2005
        * First version, released on an unsuspecting world.