$Id: CHANGES,v 1.14 2000/02/22 16:52:38 trockij Exp $
$Name: monperl-0-8 $


Differences between Mon-0.7 and 0.8:
Tue Feb 22 08:51:42 PST 2000
  -fixed the operation of the "test" command

  -list_opstatus now accepts ([group, service], ...)

  -version is now set properly

  -added list_watch

  -added protid, and optionally verify protocol ID upon
   connect (can be disabled, read the man page).

Differences between Mon-0.6 and 0.7:
Sun Feb  6 13:07:57 PST 2000
    -Fixed a problem with the "test" function. It now requires
     the type of test as the first argument. Bug reported by
     andrewr@myCFO.com and rjentsch@electronicpartner.de.

    -reload accepts arguments such as "reload auth"

    -fix "list pids" output parsing to match what mon-0.38.16 does.

    -list_dtlog submitted by Martha H Greenberg <marthag@mit.edu>

Differences between Mon-0.5 and 0.6:
Tue Nov 16 10:51:26 PST 1999
    -Added Mon::Protocol.

    -Some code cleanups

    -Added new quoting rules for mon-0.38.15

    -implemented get and set

    -supports escaped values

Differences between Mon-0.4 and 0.5:
    -Fixed bug in old (before 0.38) opstatus parsing for Client.pm

Differences between Mon-0.3 and 0.4:
    -Changed argument format for "prot", and added "prot_cmp", and
     made appropriate documentation updates.

    -$self->{"VERSION"} now defaults to undef (like it should),
     since it is not the _requested_ protocol version, it is the
     version obtained by asking the server. The _requested_ protocol
     version is specified via $self->prot().

    -_list_opstatus now uses $self->prot() to figure out how to behave
     when talking to the server.

    -Export %OPSTAT for use by clients

Differences between Mon-0.1 and 0.3:

    -Added send_trap, submitted by Lars Marowsky-Bree <lmb@teuto.net>.

    -new now lets you initialize variables.

    -Updated docs.