Revision history for App-RecordStream-Bio

0.05  2014-03-31 12:25:47 PDT
    - Correct minimum Perl version to 5.10 to support \h

0.04  2014-03-28 15:11:57 PDT
    - Added --width N and --oneline options for recs-tofasta to control

0.03  2014-03-28 10:59:11 PDT
    - Added example of recs-tofasta to primary dist doc

0.02  2014-03-28 10:55:29 PDT
    - BACKWARDS INCOMPATIBLE CHANGE: recs-fromfasta now splits the sequence
      name into id and description on the first space.  If you were previously
      using the "id" key, you'll want to start using the "name" key.  I doubt
      anyone is using this but me, though. :)

    - Added recs-tofasta for a quick way to get fasta back out after munging,
      filtering, etc.

0.01  2014-03-25 17:53:25 PDT
    - Initial release