Changes for 0.13
  * Serve CSS the modern way on recent RT's
  * Namespace our CSS to avoid styling the RT core UI

Changes for 0.12
  * Copyright updates

Changes for 0.11
  * fixes for characters that were breaking 3.8

Changes for 0.10
  * packaging tweak

Changes for 0.09
  * RT 4 compatibility

Changes for 0.08

  * make sure the last date of a search is displayed (Shawn M Moore) [ #63469]

Changes for 0.07

  * add documentation on how to enable plugin in rt 3.8 and later
  * add configuration to show owner in calendar (Shawn M Moore)
  * make the popup display fields configurable (Shawn M Moore)
  * tickets and reminders types (todo/event) are configurable in ical feed

Changes for 0.06

  * rt 3.8 compatibility

Changes for 0.05
  * fix a bug in ics feeds when showing reminders
  * use Module::Install::RTx 0.21

Changes for 0.04

  * should work with rt 3.6.0 and seems to work with 3.7.2
  * display Starts date by default
  * you can use Format to display dates you want (Created, Started, Due, Starts, ...)
  * if a saved search is named "calendar", use it for the default Calendar.html and for the portlet
  * fix a bug in Prefs

Changes for 0.03

  * now uses Query Builder to find tickets
  * ics (ICal) feeds available for each personal search with magic number authentication method
  * default calendars and feeds show reminders
  * Calendar.html move in Search
  * MyCalendar links to your own tickets and Nobody's tickets for the
    current month
  * fix a problem with localtime and gmtime

Changes for 0.02

  * First release