Revision history for "ptkftp".

4.31  Aug/2002
	- Complete redesign from older version.
	- Started recording Changes.
4.4   Fri Aug 16, 2002
	- Fixed bug where "-browsecmd" callback was called too often.
	- Fixed bug where "end" was added as a value on listboxes with no "-width" 
	  option specified when list was automatically resized.
	- Fixed problem where listbox width not automatically resized down to new
	  entry field width when it became smaller.
	- Added code to cause the dropdown button and list to be disabled whenever 
	  the list size becomes zero and reactivate whenever a choice is added to 
	  a zero-length list.
	- Fixed minor bugs with "choices" and "insert" function.
	- Added this Changes file
4.41  Sat Aug 17, 2002
	- Fixed disabled background color on entry text.
	- Added "-maxwidth" option to limit maximum width in characters the 
	  entry field will expand to.  Otherwise, it can expand as list items are 
	  added to accomodate the widest item string.
4.43  May 31, 2003
	- Added several patches by Frank Herrmann to cause the "-browsecmd" 
	  callback to be called whenever the text value changed, and some other 
	  minor tweeks.
	- Added "-listrelief" option to allow one to specify the relief of the 
	  dropdown list (defaults to "sunken" and was previously always "sunken").
	- Added "-browse" option to allow for old "-browsecmd" callback behavior 
	  so that it is only called when a selection is actually made from the 
	  dropdown list.  This was the behavior before the "Frank Herrmann" 
	  patches were added.  The default is the new behavior.  To get the old 
	  behavior, use "-browse => 1".
4.47  Thu Nov 20, 2003
	- Added "-tabcomplete" option to allow pressing the "<Tab>" key in the 
	  Entry widget to cause an incomplete string typed in to be "completed" to 
	  the next matching string in the list.  Pressing the "<Tab>" key again 
	  will transfer focus to the next widget.  To get this behavior, use 
	  "-tabcomplete => 1".  The default is the old behavior of simply tabbing 
	  to the next widget without altering the typed text.
4.48  Fri Nov 21, 2003
	- Fixed bug which caused tab-key to be "stuck" on the widget if there 
	  was nothing in the listbox.  Made "-tabcomplete" not change what 
	  user typed in if there is no match in the list.  Added 
	  "-tabcomplete => 2" to keep 4.47 behavior (force tab to change the 
	  typed value to a valid list entry or the default value).
4.49	 -not released.
4.50	 Fri Nov 28, 2003
	- Minor tweeks in relief appearance.
4.52  Tue Feb 01, 2005
	- Added "-altbinding" option to allow different keyboard binding schemata.
	- Added "-disabledbackground" and "-disabledforeground" options.
	- Fixed "-labelPack" option to work, if packed above or below main widget.
	- Fixed small glitch in listbox vertical sizing.

4.61  Mon Feb 14, 2005
	- Added hash-reference as an option for the choices so that it can work like 
	  selects in HTML where one set of values is displyed to the user (the 
	  hash values and the other (the keys) is actually returned.  Also added 
	  the functions:  dereference, dereferenceOnly, hasreference, and fetchhash 
	  to work with these.
4.63  Apr 29, 2006
	- Added option (-deleteitemsok) so that user can delete items from 
	  history list.
4.64  Sun Jul 30, 2006
	- Minor tweeks for JFileDialog.
4.65  Tue Oct 25, 2006
	- Add right-arrow completion so that if one types the first (few) letter(s) 
	  of one of the choices in the list, then presses the right-arrow (with 
	  the cursor at the end of the typed string, the text will be completed 
	  with the first matching choice in the list (similar to up and 
	  down-arrow, but repeated pressing only toggles between any 
	  matching choices in the list, whereas down-arrow, continues to 
	  switch between all the choices in the list.  To revert to pre-4.65 
	  behavior, specify -altbinding => 'Right=NoSearch'.
4.70  Mon Sep 24, 2006
	- Added new options:  -framehighlightthickness (default 1), 
	  -buttonborderwidth (default 1), and --entryborderwidth (default 0).
	- Changed initialization of -borderwidth and -buttonborderwidth to fix 
	  inconsistancies pointed out by Wolfram Humann.
	- Fixed activation issue on up and down arrow presses and with "back-
	  tab with patch from Wolfram Humann.  Thanks for the patches!
	- Fixed other minor issues.
	- Fixed makefile using new version by Alexandr Ciornii that, among 
	  other things, fixes the bug that caused the manpage file to have 
	  an extra TK:: prefix appended to it.
4.71	- Added "-listcmd" callback.
	- Added "-nobutton" option to prevent dropdown list button from being 
	  displayed (default 0 (false)).
	- Added "-labelrelief" option (default "flat").
	- Added invocation of the "-browsecmd" callback if <Return> is 
	  pressed in the text field and -altbinding includes "Return=Go".
	- Added a "NoListbox" altbinding to cause the "-browsecmd" callback 
	  to NOT be invoked for specified altbindings, ie. 
	  "" causes the callback to not be executed if 
	  the <spacebar> is pressed while the listbox has keyboard focus.
4.72	- Added new user-callable function get().  get() with no arguments 
	  returns the current value of the "-textvariable" variable.  If any 
	  arguments are passed, they are passed directly to the listbox->get() 
	  function, ie. "0", "end" to return all values of the listbox.
	- Added new user-callable function activate().  activate() invokes 
	  the activate() option on the listbox to make the item with the 
	  index specified by the first argument "active".  Unless a second 
	  argument is passed containing a false value, the value of the 
	  "-textvariable" variable is also set to this now active value.
	- Added new user-callable function index(), which invokes and returns 
	  the result of the listbox index() function.
	- Added new user-callable function size(), which invokes and returns 
	  the result of the listbox size() function (the number of items in 
	  the list.
	- Fixed possible bug with the return results from the choices() 
	  function when called without any arguments.
4.73	- Fixed so that whenever the mouse is clicked or the spacebar pressed 
	  within the text area and the text area is readonly and either empty 
	  or does not contain text that matches any of the items in the 
	  dropdown list, then the 1st item is activated and highlighted 
	  instead of the last one.
4.74	- Fixed so that whenever the "-textvariable" variable is undefined, 
	  then the dropdown list is shown, the 1st item will be activated 
	  and highlighted instead of the last one.
4.75	- Remove accidental reference to DBI in test file (fix broken test)
	  This closes bug#50767.
4.8	- Use of a hash for the choices list was broken - hash was reversed 
	  within the insert() function so that fetchhash() returned a hash that 
	  was the opposite of what was passed to choices.  Renamed fetchhash() 
	  function to get_hashref_byname() - still returns the reversed hash, 
	  and fetchhash() remains in place for backwards compat.  Added new 
	  function get_hashref_byvalue() to return the hash back out correctly!
	  Also added new functions:  get_index('value') to return the index# 
	  (usable by get() function of the list option displayed as 'value'); 
	  delete_byvalue('value' [, 'value2'...]) to delete list items 
	  by their displayed values; and reference() to return the displayed 
	  list value for the given hash key (opposite of dereference()).
4.9	- Add new callback option when user deletes an entry from the drop-down 
	  menu with the [Delete] key, as permitted by the "-deleteok" option.
	  The new callback option is "-deletecmd" which invokes a user-defined 
	  function just before and again just after a menu entry is deleted.
	  This was needed in order to update arrays in the main program that 
	  are loaded and saved in "history" files in order to know when the 
	  valid list choices had changed and apply them properly.  The first 
	  call receives the entry index# (>0) being deleted, and can return 
	  true if the deletion needs to be blocked, false or undef otherwise.
	  This permits the programmer to block user-deletes, ie. for certain 
	  entries, etc.  The subsequent call (with the parameter of -1), occurs 
	  just after the deletion (if the first call did not return true) & can 
	  be used to do something after a deletion has actually occured, ie. 
	  as explained above.
5.0	- * Fixed issues involving the -arrowimage / -farrowimage options not 
	  always working properly, particularly on M$-Windows.
	  * Added new PressButton() function to enable developers to 
	  programatically "press" the dropdown list button.
	  * Added new get_icursor() function to make fetching the cursor location 
	  in the entry field.  Most useful arguments are: 'insert' and 'end'.
	  * Added -deletecmd callback to allow user to properly update their 
	  history files when feeding them to the drop-down list.
	  * Added -altbinding options:  "Return=NoEmptyGo", "Return=SingleGo", 
	  and "Down=Popup" as well as "Down=None", "Up=None", "Right=None", 
	  "Esc=None", "Return=None", and "Space=None".
	  * Adjusted dropdown menu's width to work better when -nobutton is set.
	  * Cleaned up the code and documentation, including fixing some 
	  "strict refs" errors and problems when a -default value is specified.
5.10	- * Added -fixedlist option to cause the pop-up drop-down list to be 
	  "fixed" (static) - always visible and be packed as a widget along with 
	  the text-entry and button portions.  Default is 0 (not fixed), as has 
	  always been the case.  If set to a true value, the listbox will appear 
	  just below the text-entry and button widgets.  If set to "top", the 
	  listbox will appear above them.
	  * Added -listboxtype option to specify that the drop-down list should 
	  use a "Tk::HList" widget by specifying "-listboxtype => 'HListbox', 
	  if Tk::HListbox is installed.  The default remains 'Listbox'.  
	  * Also added Tk::HListbox-specific options:  -indicator, and -itemtype.
	  These are ignored if the default Tk::Listbox is used.  
	  The -label option is now dynamically configurable via $w->configure().
	  * Added -labelforeground, -labelbackground, and -labelfont options.
	  * NOTE:  REMOVED the "altbinding" string "Tab=PopList" as this is now 
	  the default (to roll up / hide the drop-down list whenever 
	  the [Tab] key is pressed within it (unless -fixedlist is specified).
	  To retain the old behavior of keeping the drop-down list visible, 
	  the developer must now specify "Tab=KeepList".  Keeping the list 
	  visible only worked on Unixish systems anyway, as M$-Windows always 
	  rolled up the list anyway.
	  * Fixed several related key-binding / focusing issues along with the 
	  usual code and doc. cleanups / optimizations.
5.20   * Added "List=Bouncy" -altbinding to make listbox immediately roll 
	  back up when user releases the mouse button, more like a popup-menu.
	  (User can avoid the "bounce" feature by holding down the [Shift] key 
	  with the mouse).  On "fixed" lists, focus immediately jumps back to 
	  the text-entry field, so that it behaves the same as if not "fixed".
	  * Added -buttonforeground and -buttonbackground color config. options.
	  * Added -colorstate to options that can be changed dynamically via 
	  * Greatly cleaned up the -colorstate option to play nicer with 
	  setPalette() and other color options as well as fixed alot of 
	  annoying issues with it (See revised pod docs).
	  * Updated the test suite to include new "bouncy" and "fixedlist" 
5.21   * Fixed minor color issue in M$-Windows where the text part wasn't 
	  always readable when in "readonly" mode.