Revision history for Perl extension WormBase.

0.027 Mon Jun 20 13:00:00 2005
  - Maintenance release. Fixed a problem with the WormBase
    update script that was blocking creation of temporary 
  - Changed the order of steps such that software syncing occurs LAST
    to avoid breaking the site

0.026 Tues Jun 7 10:38:18 2005
  - Fixed a long-standing bug with aggressive cache clearing
  - cleaned up the output during updates	

0.025 Tues Jun 7 08:01:42 2005
  - Removed dependence on Bio::GMOD::Admin::Monitor

0.024 Sat Jun 4 13:11:15 2005
  - Fixed a small glitch that was requiring a module not yet built!

0.023 Tues May 31 20:20:02 2005
  - Added purging of WormBase cache to Update::WormBase and update script
  - Added Monitor::*:,,,
  - Added, wrapper around server monitoring for WormBase
  - Overhauled gmod_update_installation-wormbase.PLS to use an external config
    file instead of hundreds of options.
  - Moved the Update, Monitor, and Archive classes to Bio::GMOD::Admin::*
  - version CGI now uses XML instead of plain text
  - added some DTDs for version and defaults
  - New module to interface with the GMOD StandardURLs protocol

0.022 Thur March 16 07:41:02 2005
  - Added install_util dir to manifest!

0.021 Wed March 16 22:07:12 2005
  - Adaptor::* objects can now only be initialized online (failures were occuring
    when Adaptor defaults were out-of-sync with those originating from the CGI.
  - Added code for monitoring a MOD installation:,,,, etc
  - Added for more sophistacated notifications.
    Can be used for monitoring, updates, etc for more sophisticated 
    or conditional reporting than just relying on STDOUT from cron.
  - - added method that checks for sufficient disk space 
    for installs
  - No longer croaks when trying to download a file that has
    already been downloaded
  - Fixed output formatting
  - Fixed problem in reading installation date of local database
  - Overhauled Makefile.PL - now installs scripts and CGIs if requested

0.02  Wed Feb 23 07:04:12 2005
  - Fixed problems when calling subclassed CheckVersions 
    from within

0.01  Wed Aug 11 17:10:40 2004
  - original version; created by h2xs 1.22 with options -X -n Bio::GMOD