Revision history for Perl extension Win32API::File.

0.09 2005-02-18
        - Support 5.007+

0.08 2000-04-07
        - C<GetOsFHandle> now returns false for failure.
        - New F<buffers.h> supports C++ compilers.
        - Read-only output-only parameters now generate an error.
        - Added fileLastError() since C<$^E> is often quickly overwritten.
        - Complete rewrite of how C constants are made available in Perl.
        - Added fileConstant(), a nice way to look-up constants at run time.
        - Added Get/SetHandleInformation and HANDLE_FLAG_* constants.
        - Added IOCTL_DISK_GET_MEDIA_TYPES since *_STORAGE_* fails for floppy.
        - Added several example scripts.

0.07 1999-08-17
        - Added DeleteFile().
        - Removed prototypes from OsFHandleOpen() and GetOsFHandle() since
          the C<*> doesn't prevent warnings about bareword file handles and
          prevents the useful usage message if no arguments given.
        - Fixed bug due to failed C<(/k/i,/t/i)> in list context returning
          C<()> not C<(undef,undef)> in modern versions of Perl.
        - Change order of C<#include>s so can build with Perl5.005 and later.
        - Fixed C<> to ignore Perl bug where C<$^E> is truncated.
        - Turned on C<CAPI> in C<Makefile.PL> for certain versions of Perl.
        - Updated C<README>.

0.06 1999-08-10
        - Switch to new buffers.h and "Hungarian" notation!
        - Added full documentation!
        - ReadFile() no longer tries to read more bytes than asked for
          just because the scalar buffer can hold more bytes!
        - createFile() does better DWIM for share mode.
        - Return SV_NO rather than C<0> for Boolean false.
        - For boolean args, non-empty strings are C<1>, don't convert to int.
        - Added ":MEDIA_TYPE" export class.
        - Added C<GENERIC_ALL> and C<GENERIC_EXECUTE> to ":GENERIC_" exports.
        - Added C<FdGetOsFHandle()> and C<GetOsFHandle()>!
        - Added C<OsFHandleOpenFd()> and C<OsFHandleOpen()>!
        - Support calling C<constant()> without the useless integer argument.
        - Auto-load/export constants with C<()> prototype so can be in-lined.
        - Added C<IsRecognizedPartition()> and C<IsContainerPartition()>.
        - Added C<getLogicalDrives()>.
        - Added ":FILE_" export class for specific types of access to files.
        - Added C<SECURITY_SQOS_PRESENT> to ":SECURITY_" export class.
        - Added ":PARTITION_" export class for partition types.
        - Seriously bulked up the test suite.

0.05 1998-08-21
        - "-w" no longer warns that a buffer size of "=99" "isn't numeric".
          nor if pass undef var for buffer size or output-only parameter.
        - Added SetErrorMode() and :SEM_.
        - createFile() sharing now defaults to "rw" to match C RTL.
        - createFile() was ignoring "r" and "w" in access masks.

0.04 1998-08-13
        - Added GetLogicalDrives and GetLogicalDriveStrings.
        - Added GetDriveType and GetVolumeInformation.
        - Added DRIVE_* for GetDriveType().
        - Added FS_* for GetVolumeInformation().
        - Added createFile(), getLogicalDrives(), and attrLetsToBits() helpers.
        - CreateFile() returns:  INVALID_HANDLE_VALUE->false, 0->"0 but true".
        - More standardized "Hungarian" notation and uses buffers.h.
        - Large unsigned values no longer made negative.

0.03 1998-04-25
        - Added DDD_* constants to and moved codes mistakenly
          exported for :DDD_ to be exported for :Misc.
        - Split large group of constants to increase efficiency.
        - Minor cosmetic fixes.

0.02 1998-03-03
        - Added DeviceIoControl().
        - Added some IOCTL_STORAGE_* and IOCTL_DISK_* constants
        - Taught to verify all exported functions and constants.

0.01 1997-12-08
        - original version; based on Win32API::Registry.
        - release to partner