2001-03-27  Hajimu UMEMOTO  <ume@mahoroba.org>

	* Socket6.pm: Bump version number to 0.10.

	* Socket6.xs: Make compilable under OpenBSD.  Though OpenBSD has
	KAME, OpenBSD doesn't have netinet6/ipsec.h.
	Reported by:	Tim Ayers <cpantest@quaday.com>

2001-03-21  Hajimu UMEMOTO  <ume@mahoroba.org>

	* Socket6.pm: Bump version number to 0.09.

	* aclocal.m4 (IPv6_CHECK_FUNC): There is getaddrinfo(3) in
	libsocket under Solaris8.
	Reported by:	Tomohide Nagashima <tomohide@japan-telecom.co.jp>,
			TAKANO Yuji <takachan@running-dog.net>

2001-01-26  Hajimu UMEMOTO  <ume@mahoroba.org>

	* Socket6.pm:
		- Fix typo in sample code.
		  Reported by:	Matsumura Naoki <mat@pfu.co.jp>
		- Bump version number to 0.08.
2000-05-28  Hajimu UMEMOTO  <ume@mahoroba.org>

	* Socket6.pm: Bump version number to 0.07.

	* getaddrinfo.c (getaddrinfo):
		- Add support for AI_CANONNAME.
		- Our fake version of getaddrinfo() only support IPv4.

2000-05-27  Hajimu UMEMOTO  <ume@mahoroba.org>

	* Socket6.pm: More description.

		Submitted by:	Jun-ichiro itojun Hagino <itojun@iijlab.net>

	* Socket6.xs (inet_ntop): Make inet_ntop() work with AF_INET.

		Submitted by:	Jun-ichiro itojun Hagino <itojun@iijlab.net>

2000-05-01  Hajimu UMEMOTO  <ume@mahoroba.org>

	* gailookup.pl.in: Add -c and -s option.

2000-04-15  Hajimu UMEMOTO  <ume@mahoroba.org>

	* Makefile.PL: Cosmetic.

2000-04-12  Hajimu UMEMOTO  <ume@mahoroba.org>

	* aclocal.m4: IPv6 related macros were improved.

	* configure.in: Use new macros.

2000-03-23  Hajimu UMEMOTO  <ume@mahoroba.org>

	* getaddrinfo.c (gai_strerror): Add message for EAI_SERVICE.

2000-03-20  Hajimu UMEMOTO  <ume@mahoroba.org>

	* Socket6.pm: Bump version number to 0.06.

	* config.pl.in: config.pl did not return a true value at
	Makefile.PL line 41.

		Reported by:	Paul Schinder <schinder@pobox.com>

	* config.pl.in: Don't use @PERLPATH@ and @CFLAGS@ values returns
	from configure.

2000-03-18  Hajimu UMEMOTO  <ume@mahoroba.org>

	* Socket6.pm: Bump version number to 0.05.

	* Makefile.in: Provide a Makefile.PL that runs configure, so that
	things can be done in the usual Perl way.

		Pointed out by: Paul Schinder <schinder@pobox.com>

2000-03-17  Hajimu UMEMOTO  <ume@mahoroba.org>

	* Socket6.pm: Bump version number to 0.04.  I changed convention
	of version number to n.nn.

2000-03-16  Hajimu UMEMOTO  <ume@mahoroba.org>

	* acconfig.h: Define HAVE_PL_SV_UNDEF rather than use of CFLAGS.

	* Makefile.in: Added.  Now, ExtUtils::MakeMaker generates

2000-03-14  Hajimu UMEMOTO  <ume@mahoroba.org>

	* configure.in: Use gcc if available.  Cannot compile with
	traditional cc on some Linuxes due to illegal `const' definition:

	        Debian GNU/Linux 2.1 (slink)  : glibc-2.0.7
		Debian GNU/Linux 2.2 (potato) : glibc-2.1.3

		Submitted by: Hideaki YOSHIFUJI <yoshfuji@ecei.tohoku.ac.jp>

	* gailookup.pl.in: Added.  Rule for finding Perl and --with-perl
	option was also added to configure.in.

		Submitted by: Hideaki YOSHIFUJI <yoshfuji@ecei.tohoku.ac.jp>

	* Socket6.xs: Add missing AI_NUMERICHOST.

	* Makefile.PL.in: Pass CFLAGS to C compiler.

	* configure.in: Separate functional blocks into aclocal.m4.

2000-03-10  Hajimu UMEMOTO  <ume@mahoroba.org>

	* Socket6-0.3 is out.

	* getaddrinfo.c (getaddrinfo): Avoid core dump when protocol is
	not found in /etc/protocols or service is not found in

	* configure.in: Add check rule for PL_sv_undef.  Somewhat old
	version of Perl5 uses sv_undef.

	* configure.in: Add check rules for sa_len and sin6_scope_id.
		Submitted by: Hideaki YOSHIFUJI <yoshfuji@ecei.tohoku.ac.jp>

	* acconfig.h: Added to be able to use autoheader.
		Submitted by: Hideaki YOSHIFUJI <yoshfuji@ecei.tohoku.ac.jp>

2000-03-09  Hajimu UMEMOTO  <ume@mahoroba.org>

	* Socket6-0.2 was released for evaluate.