2020-03-25 v0.14

Renamed to "ContextReference"

2020-03-25 v0.13

improved indexing capabilities

2020-03-25 v0.12

- introduce `OpenTracing::Types` and simplify `OpenTracing::Interface`
- add `References` to create "casual span references"
- define `inject_context` and `extract_context`
- ensure we pass on all parameters, and fix those that did not
- make `child_of` and `references` mutual exclusive options
- add more than 150 tests
- update POD and README so everybody can read it

2020-01-29 v0.11

set 'default value' for type constraints `Maybe[SomeType]` with `undef`

2020-01-22 v0.10

fix version numbers in all files for better indexing at CPAN