0.24_001  2021-02-21 21:34:17+02:00 Asia/Jerusalem (TRIAL RELEASE)

0.24      2021-01-29 10:33:10+02:00 Asia/Jerusalem

- Fix some test breakage - min perl version now 5.20.0

0.23      2021-01-28 19:18:11+02:00 Asia/Jerusalem

- add support for service accounts
- rework storage backend to allow custom implementations (here's looking at you, redis)
- allow introspection for credentials on $res returned from an api query

- will immediately on non-existent API endpoints
- rework AuthStorage classes: anything that depended on
  ::AuthStorage or ::Credentials in an undocumented way will likely explode.
  Please open an issue on github and I'll try and help you migrate
- remove some undocumented options
- the examples/ dir MAY be broken, I didn't check (they need cleaning up anyways)