$Id: Changes,v 1.9 2001/03/31 08:06:31 vipul Exp $



 * Renamed ::EME::* to ::ES::*. EME (Encoding Method for encryption) was a
   leftover from an earlier class framework. Renamed ::SSA::* to ::SS::*,
   since we might have Signature Schemes without Appendix under ::SS::*

 * Changed `P' (parameterization) in ::ES::OAEP to a null string.
   Strings encrypted with versions < 1.15 will not decrypt.

 * Added versioning support in ::ES::OAEP. Returns the old
   parameterization string for version < 1.15. So strings encrypted 
   with < 1.15 will decrypt!

 * Wrote t/12-versioning.t, with tests for versioning in ::ES::OAEP.

 * Added versioning support in ::SS::PSS.

 * Numerical parameters of ::Key::Public and ::Key::Private can be
   assigned perl strings, hex strings, or hex numbers.

1.30                                                        March 25, 2001 

 * Documented Crypt::RSA methods

 * Added ASCII armour support to Crypt::RSA::encrypt(), decrypt(), sign()
   and verify() using Convert::ASCII::Armour

 * Crypt::RSA will now work with any encryption/signing scheme as long as
   they provide the same method interface as Crypt::RSA::EME::OAEP and

 * Wrote ::EME::OAEP::version() and ::SSA::PSS::version(). The next
   release will include support for version specific operation in ::EME::*
   and ::PSS::*

 * Added and corrected documentation for ::EME::OAEP and ::SSA::PSS

1.25                                                        March 12, 2001

 * Wrote Crypt::RSA::sign() and Crypt::RSA::verify()

 * Added tests for sign and verify to t/11-wrapper.t

 * Bugfix in Crypt::RSA::EME::OAEP::hash() and mgf()
     $self was being fed to the digest

 * Bugfix in Crypt::RSA::SSA::PSS::hash() and mgf()

1.24                                                        March 11, 2001

 * Bug fix in Crypt::RSA::EME::OAEP::decode()
    newline in plaintext was causing decode() to return error

 * Wrote Crypt::RSA::encrypt() and Crypt:RSA::decrypt()

 * Wrote a test for Crypt::RSA (t/11-wrapper.t)