Changes for DBD::JDBC.

June 2006
        Version 0.70

        Changed the default behavior when reading long fields to
        read the entire field. Added a new property,
        jdbc_longreadall, which can be set to false to disable
        this behavior and return to the DBI standard behavior
        controlled by LongReadLen and LongTruncOk.

        Statements are now marked inactive when their DESTROY
        method is called. Thanks to Jesper Krogh for the

        Server changes: The server now uses log4j for its
        The server will attempt to close database connections
        when a connection thread is ending. Thanks to Jesper
        Krogh for the patch.

January 2006
        Version 0.69
        Added the first bit of $dbh->get_info support thanks to
        Jesper Krogh.

        Server changes: Updated the method which reads data in
        the server (handleRequest(FetchRequest aRequest)) to use
        different JDBC methods for BLOB, CLOB, and LONGVARCHAR
        data types. The server now retrieves BLOB and CLOB
        objects using getBlob and getClob. The use of the
        deprecated method getUnicodeStream to read LONGVARCHAR
        has been replaced by use of getCharacterStream.

November 2005
        Version 0.68

        Fixed a bug in the handle DESTROY methods which caused
        DESTROY to override the current value of $@. Code like
        the following: 
          eval { my $sth = $dbh->prepare(...); $sth->execute() }; 
          die $@ if $@; 
        might fail to die even when $sth->execute failed because
        $sth->DESTROY was called when the eval block was exited. 

        Added distribution tests which use hsqlbd thanks to Frank
        Tolstrup. hsqldb is a pure Java SQL database. This should
        make it possible to run "make test" without having
        another database set up.

November 2005
        Version 0.67

        This is DBD::JDBC 0.66 with a few further updates based
        on reviewing the DBI 1.48 documentation. 

        Fixed the local build process to synchronize the
        DBD::JDBC version with the server version. 

        Added support for $sth->{ParamValues}. (DBI 1.28)

        Removed locally-defined err, errstr, and state
        variables. (DBI 1.33)

        Updated NUM_OF_FIELDS behavior. (DBI 1.42)

January 2005
        Version 0.66
        Unofficial release, not sent to CPAN.
        Requires edits to

        Updated DBD::JDBC to work with DBI 1.46. No work has been
        done to add support for DBI features added since the last
        DBI release with which this driver was certified. "Works
        with DBI 1.46" means that the test suite now passes

        This release uses DBI's install_method method to add
        jdbc_func. Use of install_method requires that the
        driver-specific prefix be registered with DBI. This has
        not been done as of DBI 1.46, so until a DBI release is
        made with the prefix registered, it is necessary to edit to add the jdbc_ prefix to $dbd_prefix_registry. 

        Scripts which used $h->func to call JDBC methods must now
        use $h->jdbc_func. Error handling with jdbc_func follows
        the standard DBI model, so it's no longer necessary to
        check for errors explicitly as it was when using func.

        Removed references to the DBI constant SQL_BIGINT, which
        was removed in an earlier DBI release. Scripts which need
        to use SQL_BIGINT should import the constant from DBD::JDBC: 

          use DBI qw(:sql_types);
          use DBD::JDBC qw(:sql_types);


May 2001
        Version 0.64

        Added support for arbitrary (string) JDBC connection

        Added support for "jdbc_" prefixes on method names used
        in $h->func() calls as required by DBI. Unprefixed method
        names are still supported in this release, though support
        may be removed in a future release.

        Changed the format of the connect message between the
        client and server. This means that this version of the
        client is not compatible with any older version of the

June 2000
        Version 0.63

        Changed required version of DBI to 1.13 in order to have
        access to the SQL_BIT constant (used to specify boolean
        method parameters for func).

        Added $h->func implementations for $dbh and $sth
        objects. This implementation passes the method name and
        parameters to the Java server. The server uses reflection
        to call the requested method. The current implementation
        only supports a limited set of types for parameters and
        return values. Most object types are not supported.

        Allow the driver to close Statement objects when
        $sth->DESTROY is called.

        Fixed, or at least altered, the behavior of the driver
        when the JDBC driver doesn't provide a SQLSTATE value
        in a SQLException. Previously, this problem caused DBI to

        Reset the value of the jdbc_error attribute before
        setting a new error.

May 2000
        Version 0.62.

        Changed required version of Convert::BER to 1.31 and
        removed Convert::BER 1.265 from the driver distribution.

        Changed connect implementation to delay creation of $dbh
        until server connection has succeeded. This allows
        checking of $DBI::{err,errstr,state} in a separate
        statement after the call to connect.

January 2000
        Added ability to create a single Server with a
        pre-existing Java connection within a Java
        application. See the example in the example directory. 

        Added $! to socket error reporting; why'd I leave that

October 1999
        Initial version.