2004-04-17  Vadim Konovalov  <vkonovalov@peterstar.ru>

	* Makefile.PL: fix WinCE case, check if Tcl version supported
	* README: change WinCE explanations; add authors; change file
	format to be more consistent with other modules
	* Tcl.pm: change version to 0.76 for CPAN release; make AUTHORS
	section more complete.
	* Changes: brief summary of changes between 0.75 and 0.76
	* t/info.t: should ignore difference between '/' and '\' on Win32.
2004-04-16  Jeff Hobbs  <jeffh@ActiveState.com>

	* t/info.t: return -longname of nameofexe on Windows to match $^X.

2004-04-16  Gisle Aas  <gisle@ActiveState.com>

	* Tcl.xs: Make it possible to subclass Tcl.
	* Tcl.pm: Don't subclass Tcl::Tk any more.  Tcl::Tcl will subclass
	Tcl instead.
2004-04-15  Gisle Aas  <gisle@ActiveState.com>

	* Tcl.xs: Added BOOT: section and moved initializations there.
	* Tcl.xs, Tcl.pm, t/constants.t: Avoid hardcoded constants.  Let
	tcl.h provide the values.  The old constants actually got the
	values for TCL_APPEND_VALUE and TCL_LIST_ELEMENT wrong from what I
	observe in the 8.4 tcl.h.
	* Tcl.xs: Got rid of the Tcl_DESTROY and Tcl_result macros.  More
	obvious what's going on with explict CODE sections instead of
	global macros.
	* Tcl.xs, t/info.t: Make 'info nameofexecutable' work.
	* Tcl.xs: Use boolSV() instead of int to represent bools. A user
	visible difference is that false is now "" instead of 0, but
	that's the official perl way.
	* Tcl.xs: The !SvOBJECT() test is just fine.  Remove XXX comment.
	* Tcl.pm: Improved argument check in Tcl::Ev.
	* Tcl.pm: Enable XS version check during bootstrap.
	* Makefile.PL: Integrate ceMakefile.PL
	* Makefile.PL: Cleanup.  Use Getopt::Long instead of handcoded
	option parsing
	* Tcl.xs, Tcl.pm: Whitespace cleanup.  Remove trailing space.

2004-04-14  Gisle Aas  <gisle@ActiveState.com>

	* Tcl.xs (has_highbit): renamed 'l' as 'len'. 'l' is not a good
	variable name as it looks quite a lot like '1' in many fonts

2004-04-14  Jeff Hobbs  <jeffh@ActiveState.com>

	* Tcl.xs (SvFromTclObj): turn on Tcl_ListObj to AV conversion.
	* Tcl.pm (call): rework with much clearer comments on what is
	going on.  Don't bother doing map of undefined vals to "", icall
	does that for us.  Cache arg ref for use in the if/elsifs.
	Remove commented out listify and listify sub - icall properly
	handles the AV to Tcl_ListObj conversions.
	Correct result handling by matching expectations with icall.  If
	we are called in ARRAY context, invoke icall in array context,
	otherwise invoke icall in scalar context.

	* t/call.t (new): some tests for call and icall functions

2004-04-13  Jeff Hobbs  <jeffh@ActiveState.com>

	* Tcl.xs (SvFromTclObj): correct if/else if for objPtr == NULL and
	return newSV(0) instead of &PL_sv_undef for cleanliness.

	* t/var.t: do unicode tests on 5.8, correct some test result output.

	* Tcl.xs (SvFromTclObj): set newSV* to sv, then return that var.
	(Tcl_new): changed it to force Tcl_FindExecutable call before
	first Tcl_CreateInterp and cache data types on first new.
	(Tcl_Init): moved Tcl_FindExecutable call to Tcl_new.

2004-04-12  Jeff Hobbs  <jeffh@ActiveState.com>

	* Tcl.xs: #define PERL_NO_GET_CONTEXT and pass perl context
	through internal funcs.
	(SvFromTclObj): add possible Tcl_ListObj -> SV conversion.  This
	needs further examination as it forces coding changes and is not
	yet used.
	(TclObjFromSv): change to return Tcl_Objs with refcount 0 and
	manage refcount from caller.  This corrects the recursive refcount
	getting too high (caused objects not to be freed when done).

	* Tcl.pm (listify): add more comments about usage and add
	backslash correcting.

2004-04-09  Jeff Hobbs  <jeffh@ActiveState.com>

	* Makefile.PL: add the ability to control what tclsh we build with
	* tclcfg.tcl:  by passing --tclsh (path to tclsh to use when
	calling tclcfg.tcl), --tclconfig (path to tclConfig.sh to get data
	from) and --buildspec (use BUILD spec info in conjunction with

	* Tcl.pm (FETCH, STORE): add perl versions for reference (not used)

	* Tcl.xs (SvFromTclObj): if objPtr == NULL, return &PL_sv_undef.
	(TclObjFromSv): Add SvGMAGICAL check and check that RV is not an
	object.  Remove one impotent cycle check and add empty array elem
	check.  Remove impotent SvUOK check.  Always return Tcl_Obj with
	refcount 1.
	(Tcl_PerlCallWrapper): Tcl_Obj-ify input and result.
	(Tcl_icall): rewrite from scratch to allow for recursive calls,
	which can occur via commands or tied vars.
	(Tcl_icall #2): added alternate implementation (not default) that
	calls Tcl_EvalObjv instead of direct command invocation.
	(Tcl_Init): pass NULL (not ".") to Tcl_FindExecutable.  Create
	Tcl_PerlCallWrapper as a Tcl_Obj command.
	(Tcl_SetResult): use SVs/Tcl_Objs
	(Tcl_GetVar, Tcl_GetVar2): return SV instead of char *
	(Tcl_UnsetVar): call Tcl_UnsetVar2
	(FETCH): return SV
	(STORE): call Tcl_SetVar2Ex always, use SVs

2004-04-07  Jeff Hobbs  <jeffh@ActiveState.com>

	* Tcl.xs (TclObjFromSv): updated to correctly descend into ARRAY
	refs and add possible ref cycle checking.
	Move SvUOK check below SvIOK check.
	(Tcl_icall): also check cmdinfo.isNativeObjectProc before using,
	although we might want to use this when non-native since the
	string version must use Tcl_Obj routines now for correctness.
	The string version also calls TclObjFromSv to properly handle
	ARRAY to list conversion.
	* Tcl.pm (call): let icall do the ARRAY to Tcl_Obj list conversion
	(create_tcl_sub): don't s/\W/_/g $tclname, Tcl doesn't care.
	(listify): add routine that does rough listification of Perl sv.

	* Tcl.xs (Tcl_PerlCallWrapper): handle the perl sub error case
	where an error occurs calling perl sub from Tcl callback.
	(Tcl_Init): move init of Tcl_Obj typePtrs

2004-04-06  Jeff Hobbs  <jeffh@ActiveState.com>

	* Tcl.xs: use ANSI prototypes for some functions.
	Remove use of PL_na in favor of SvPV_nolen.
	(SvFromTclObj, TclObjFromSv): create bridge routines to translate
	to/from Tcl_Obj and SV.  May need refinement.
	(prepare_Tcl_result): made use of newer GIMME_V macro and Tcl_Obj
	based return results.
	(Tcl_Eval, Tcl_GlobalEval): use more efficient Tcl_EvalEx.
	(Tcl_icall): prefer objProc over string proc and make efficient
	Tcl_Obj list out of SVs.

2004-04-01  Jeff Hobbs  <jeffh@ActiveState.com>

	* Tcl.pm (call): define tie'd var to "" if undefined before setting.

	* Tcl.xs: code cleanup to squelch AIX compiler warnings

2004-03-22  Jeff Hobbs  <jeffh@ActiveState.com>

	* Tcl.pm: modifications from Vadim to fix minor ref issues and
	initial attempt to support code with args in array refs.

	* Tcl.xs (USE_NON_CONST): define to squelch 8.4 const warnings

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