2005-01-28  Vadim Konovalov <vadimk@vkonovalov.ru>

	* lib/Tcl/Tk.pm: documentation seriously reworked

2005-01-24  Vadim Konovalov <vadimk@vkonovalov.ru>

	* lib/Tcl/Tk.pm: 'Declare' guess default -prefix better
	'AUTOLOAD' lc->lcfirst
	prohibit widget class names with non-alphabetic characters

2005-01-23  Vadim Konovalov <vadimk@vkonovalov.ru>

	* lib/Tcl/Tk.pm: $text->bind should behave like in any other widget.

2005-01-22  Vadim Konovalov <vadimk@vkonovalov.ru>

	* lib/Tcl/Tk.pm: complete $widget->_method faster methods
	bump to 0.86
	* META.yml: bump to 0.86

2005-01-21  Vadim Konovalov <vadimk@vkonovalov.ru>

	* lib/Tcl/Tk.pm: some documentation addition
	make DEBUG lighter for module (although harder for developers)

2005-01-20  Vadim Konovalov <vadimk@vkonovalov.ru>

	* lib/Tcl/Tk.pm: 'Tcl::Tk::Widget::AUTOLOAD': when used _xxxxxx
	widget method, this means faster version of xxxxxx ($interp->invoke)

2005-01-19  Vadim Konovalov <vadimk@vkonovalov.ru>

	* lib/Tcl/Tk.pm: 'widget': optionally takes widget package widget type
	as parameter

2005-01-19  Vadim Konovalov <vadimk@vkonovalov.ru>

	* lib/Tcl/Tk.pm: 'declare_widget': optionally takes widget package
	name where to declare Tcl::Tk widget; window ID not requested from
	'w_uniq': simplify, improve and comment w_uniq
	'widget subs': change to 3-arg declare_widget where appropriate

2005-01-14  Vadim Konovalov <vadimk@vkonovalov.ru>

	* lib/Tcl/Tk.pm: 'new' fixed to better process multiple interpreters/
	mainwindows, so tcltkdb able to debug another Tcl::Tk GUI
	global package-level $mainwindow, $mwpath removed
	many uses of $tkinterp removed
	'pkg_require' now tracks interpreters
	more documentation
	'create_ptk_widget_sub' now gets interpreter as one of parameters (but
	this will change after further fixes)
	'awidgets' method removed
	* demos/tcltkdb.pm: final fix

2005-01-13  Vadim Konovalov <vadimk@vkonovalov.ru>

	* lib/Tcl/Tk.pm: perlTk compatibility: make MainWindow to
	allow $mw->configure(-title=>'....')
	Start describing using any Tcl/Tk widget with perlTk syntax
	* demos/tcltkdb.pm: make usable again
	* demos/blt-tabnbook.pl: added demo file
	* MANIFEST: mention adding demos/blt-tabnbook.pl
	* ptk-compat.t: test for some $mw->configure

2004-12-30  Jeff Hobbs  <jeffh@ActiveState.com>

	* Makefile.PL: allow tclsh exe to be propagated by env var

	* t/photo.t, t/zzPhoto.t: use pkg_require instead of need_tk for Img

	* META.yml: bump to 0.85

	* lib/Tcl/Tk.pm: deprecate need_tk in favor of new pkg_require
	command that can take a version arg.
	Bump to 0.85

2004-12-08  Slaven Rezic  <slaven@rezic.de>

	* t/photo.t: do not fail if Img is not available
	* t/zzPhoto.t: do not fail if Img is not available

2004-09-13  Vadim Konovalov <vadim@vkonovalov.ru>

	* lib/Tcl/Tk.pm: version 0.84
	added sub 'lower'
	fix 'cget' method, option '-menu' for Menubutton widget
	now 'Photo' widget does not requires 'Img' package, user should
	require it when needed
	* t/photo.t: require 'Img' package
	* t/zzPhoto.t: require 'Img' package
	* tk-demos/widget: make demo widget be inside Frame, so it will not
	depend on packer.
	* tk-demos/widget_lib/menus.pl: few touches to make menu.pl demo work
	* tk-demos/widget_lib/menus2.pl: few touches to make menu2.pl demo work
	* Changes: brief summary for 0.84
	* META.yml: bring up-to-date
	* Makefile.PL: require Tcl.pm version 0.84

2004-05-14  Jeff Hobbs  <jeffh@ActiveState.com>

	* lib/Tcl/Tk.pm (Getimage): only require img::xpm for xpm's.
	(create_ptk_widget_sub): don't do need_tk for Photo and Tree, they
	already have the need_tk in their subs.
	(Bitmap): don't require Img - image adds no 'bitmap' formats
	(bind): support bind widget method with named tag sequences

2004-05-15  Vadim Konovalov <vkonovalov@peterstar.ru>

	* lib/Tcl/Tk.pm (widget): fix a bug; describe widget_data methods

2004-05-15  Vadim Konovalov <vkonovalov@peterstar.ru>

	* tk-demos/widget_lib/ruler.pl: fix

2004-05-15  Vadim Konovalov <vkonovalov@peterstar.ru>

	* lib/Tcl/Tk.pm: version 0.83
	* MANIFEST: remove ./tk-demos/widget_lib/Plot.pm
	* tk-demos/widget_lib/Plot.pm: removed
	* tk-demos/widget_lib/plot.pl: borrowed from original Tcl/Tk demo
	* tk-demos/widget_lib/ruler.pl: fixes. Not finished!

2004-05-10  Slaven Rezic  <slaven@rezic.de>

	* Makefile.PL: added --tclsh switch

2004-05-09  Konovalov <vkonovalov@peterstar.ru>

	* META.yml: fix syntax error
	* lib/Tcl/Tk.pm: version 0.82
	* Changes: brief summary between 0.81 and 0.82
	* test-for-tk.tcl file added
	* MANIFEST: test-for-tk.tcl added
	* Makefile.PL: check if Tcl/Tk can do 'package require Tk'

2004-05-09  Konovalov <vkonovalov@peterstar.ru>

	* lib/Tcl/Tk.pm: fix a typo
	* Changes: brief summary between 0.80 and 0.81

2004-05-09  Konovalov <vkonovalov@peterstar.ru>

	* lib/Tcl/Tk.pm: completely reworked %W; now this is a hash
	based on window id, so should allow multiple interpreters.

2004-05-09  Konovalov <vkonovalov@peterstar.ru>

	* lib/Tcl/Tk.pm: few small fixes: overload eq/ne, Bitmap widget

2004-05-09  Konovalov <vkonovalov@peterstar.ru>

	* lib/Tcl/Tk.pm: redo meaning of %W hash to save memory and gain
	speed: instead of number of small hashes, create few larger hashes;
	yet create few shortcuts to $W{DATA}, $W{INT}, $W{PATH}.
	Change $W{$path}->{'XXXX'} to $W{$path}->{'XXXX'} everywhere and
	$W{$$widget}->{'INT'} to $widget->interp.
	support widget_data concept $W{DATA} to optionally create widget data;
	Add overload for 'eq' and 'ne' to help t/optmenu.t to pass.
	Fix Tcl::Tk::Widget::MultipleWidget.

2004-05-08  Konovalov <vkonovalov@peterstar.ru>

	* lib/Tcl/Tk.pm: Tcl::Tk::Widget's stringification now works, it
	causes path tosubstitute; subroutine _bind_canvas_text_helper
	renamed to _bind_widget_helper; add code to recognize 'bind' for 
	Listbox as widget's method;
	perlTk compatibility: Bitmap widget, some Canvas method, 'tag'
	Text's method (should move to own package?)
	* tk-demos/unicodeout.pl: removed, its code moved to another demo
	* MANIFEST: tk-demos/unicodeout.pl removed
	* tk-demos/*: changes in demo code for files items.pl, cscroll.pl,
	vscale.pl, hscale.pl, labels.pl, colors.pl, image2.pl

2004-05-07  Konovalov <vkonovalov@peterstar.ru>

	* lib/Tcl/Tk.pm (MultipleWidget::new): fix a bug that causes
	demo/multiplewidget to misbehave

2004-05-06  Jeff Hobbs  <jeffh@ActiveState.com>

	* lib/Tcl/Tk.pm (need_tk): do a straight require of
	Tcl::Tk::Widget|Table and allow that error to be thrown (the user
	will need to know if it occurs).

2004-05-04  Jeff Hobbs  <jeffh@ActiveState.com>

	* Makefile.PL: require Tcl 0.81
	* lib/Tcl/Tk.pm (need_tk): remove the need for the extra command
	in all cases as Tcl.pm 0.81 fixed icall to use Tcl's unknown
	mechanism (AUTOLOAD) properly.  Bumped to 0.81.

2004-05-03  Gisle Aas <gisle@ActiveState.com>

	* lib/Tcl/Tk.pm: Make Exists(undef) work without warning.

2004-05-03  Vadim Konovalov <vkonovalov@peterstar.ru>

	* MANIFEST: demos/demo-w-tix.pl removed, tk-demos reorganization
	* demos/demo-w-tix.pl(removed): obsoleted code
	* typemap(removed): remove C support file
	* demos/multiwidget.pl: DEBUG off
	* demos/tcltkdb.pm: fix tcltkdb demo
	* lib/Tcl/Tk.pm:   many perlTk compatibility changes, Scrollbar,
	Scale widgets, 'iconname' method, some 'Menu' additions
	(widget): allow widget names not starting with dot
	* tk-demos/*: delete old and import new code, borrowed and adopted
	from perlTk distribution
	* Changes: brief summary for version 0.80

2004-04-29  Jeff Hobbs  <jeffh@ActiveState.com>

	* MANIFEST: Updated to note removal of Tk.xs
	* Makefile.PL:     Remove the C component of Tcl::Tk as it is no
	* Tk.xs (removed): longer necessary.
	* lib/Tcl/Tk.pm:   Change new to package require Tk, which goes
	through Tcl to find Tk, instead of forcing us to link to it.  Move
	MainLoop to Tk.pm using Tcl's DoOneEvent, until '.' is deleted.
	(new): Use SetVar to set Tk's 'argv' directly.
	Jump version to 0.80 to coincide with Tcl module again, which it
	is reliant on (DoOneEvent was newly added).

2004-04-27    Gisle Aas  <gisle@ActiveState.com>

	* t/ptk-compat.t: Append the t/perltk-compat.t tests and get
	rid t/perltk-compat.t.  Only t/ptk-compat.t is in MANIFEST.

2004-04-26  Jeff Hobbs  <jeffh@ActiveState.com>

	* t/perltk-compat.t: removed todo
	* lib/Tcl/Tk.pm (AUTOLOAD winfo children): map children back to
	widget objects

	* lib/Tcl/Tk.pm (new, declare_widget, widget, ...): complete
	revamp of the way object references are returned.  Where we used
	to have %wint (path-keyed index to interp) and %w (scalar ref to
	path), we now have one package-global %W that is an object hash
	that is path-keyed, containing PATH and INT elements.  This allows
	for other object instance data to be stored.  Clean-up is not yet
	handled, but that's an issue throughout Tk.
	(DialogBox): correctly use of object instance data for perl-side
	options on dialog boxes.
	($mwpath, w_uniq): allow correct '.' in $mwpath by checking in
	w_uniq that we don't get double-'..xxx' paths.

2004-04-26  Gisle Aas  <gisle@ActiveState.com>

	* lib/Tcl/Tk.pm: Don't redirect exists calls to winfo,
	as this hides any exists subcommand for the widget.

2004-04-26  Vadim Konovalov  <vkonovalov@peterstar.ru>

	* lib/Tcl/Tk.pm: perlTk compatibility: DirTree Tix widget

2004-04-24  Vadim Konovalov  <vkonovalov@peterstar.ru>

	* lib/Tcl/Tk.pm: perlTk compatibility: sub PathName,
	Exists, class, toplevel, parent, *all* winfo methods.
	Balloon widget moved to file Tcl/Tk/Widget/Balloon.pm
	* demos/tcltkdb.pm: Tcl::Tk compatibility fixes.
	* Tcl/Tk/Widget/Balloon.pm: file added.
	* MANIFEST: Tcl/Tk/Widget/Balloon.pm added

2004-04-23  Jeff Hobbs  <jeffh@ActiveState.com>

	* lib/Tcl/Tk.pm (Declare): add ability to declare (or alter)
	widgets available.  Use like:
	Tcl::Tk::Widget::Declare('Progressbar', 'tile::progress',
	-prefix => 'pbar', -require => 'tile', -command => '');
	This creates an entry in the ptk2tcltk hash.
	(need_tk): rework to take 2 args - proper Tcl package name, and
	option command for instantiation of items.

2004-04-24  Vadim Konovalov  <vkonovalov@peterstar.ru>

	* lib/Tcl/Tk.pm: perlTk compatibility: sub findINC;
	improve support for Tix's geometry manager 'form' for '&';
	widgets BrowseEntry, TList, suppress -overanchor for toplevel.

2004-04-22  Jeff Hobbs  <jeffh@ActiveState.com>

	* lib/Tcl/Tk.pm (DialogBox): add default Return and Escape
	bindings and note that Show method is currently flawed in its
	usage of $popover and $defbtn.

2004-04-22  Vadim Konovalov  <vkonovalov@peterstar.ru>

	* lib/Tcl/Tk.pm: small change in 'widget' method explanation;
	remove tkpack, tkbind.
	(Exists): change $interp->call(...) to $interp->icall(...)
	* demos/demo.pl: tkpack removed; Needs to be better demo here!
	* demos/activex.pl: tkpack, tkbind removed; Needs improvements.
	* tk-demos/widget.pl: tkpack, tkbind adopted; must rewrite
	according to newer syntax.
	* t/ptk-compat.t: plan test => 2

2004-04-22  Gisle Aas <gisle@ActiveState.com>

	* t/optmenu.t: Make it pass by replacing Tk::Exists with

2004-04-21  Jeff Hobbs  <jeffh@ActiveState.com>

	* lib/Tcl/Tk.pm (DialogBox): correct wid refs in object methods.
	(LabFrame): correct wid refs in object methods.

	* Makefile.PL: use TK_XINCLUDES to find X headers when using
	--tclconfig.  TK_INCLUDE_SPEC is spurious - it's already handled
	by TCL_INCLUDE_SPEC and actually does not exist.

	* lib/Tcl/Tk.pm (ROText): make sure to reference proper ROText
	instance in widget methods.

2004-04-21  Gisle Aas <gisle@ActiveState.com>

	* lib/Tcl/Tk.pm: Make the 'raise' method work for Widgets for
	PerlTk compatibility.
	* t/perltk-compat.t: test raise.  Added todo test for children.

2004-04-20  Jeff Hobbs  <jeffh@ActiveState.com>

	* lib/Tcl/Tk.pm (Menubutton): use cheaper "$$wid.m" instead of
	$wid-path.".m" reference.
	(DEBUG): modified to accept optional level and message args.
	Rewrite use of DEBUG throughout Tk.pm.
	(Menu): remove Carp::cluck.
	(::VTEMP): change to package prefaced Tcl::Tk::VTEMP
	(create_widget_package): add created packages to ptk_w_names so
	they are recognized in AUTOLOADing.
	(AUTOLOAD): remove 'o'nce flags from package/method RE separation.

2004-04-21  Vadim Konovalov  <vkonovalov@peterstar.ru>

	* lib/Tcl/Tk.pm: fix Tcl::Tk::Widget::MultipleWidget bug;
	Make Menu, Menubutton to properly behave in their own packages;
	* t/ptk-compat.t: added very first check for perlTk, misbehaves;
	* MANIFEST: reflect adding t/ptk-compat.t

2004-04-20  Gisle Aas <gisle@ActiveState.com>

	* lib/Tcl/Tk.pm: Make the 'bell' method work for Widgets for
	PerlTk compatibility.

2004-04-19  Vadim Konovalov  <vkonovalov@peterstar.ru>

	* lib/Tcl/Tk.pm: declare Menu as widget (otherwise AUTOLOAD
	does not recognize it)

2004-04-19  Vadim Konovalov  <vkonovalov@peterstar.ru>

	* META.yml: fix according to perl-authors ML advice

2004-04-19  Gisle Aas <gisle@ActiveState.com>

	* Tk.xs: Cleanup; Should not put Tk_Init into the Tcl namespace.
	Removed unused CreateMainWindow stub.
	* lib/Tcl/Tk.pm: Now need SUPER::Init to get to Tcl_Init.
	Removed CreateMainWindow reference.

2004-04-19  Vadim Konovalov  <vkonovalov@peterstar.ru>

	* lib/Tcl/Tk.pm: correct typo in comment; fix 'wantarray' error
	similar to one fixed in Tcl.pm

2004-04-18  Vadim Konovalov  <vkonovalov@peterstar.ru>

	* lib/Tcl/Tk.pm: cosmetic changes.

2004-04-17  Vadim Konovalov  <vkonovalov@peterstar.ru>

	* lib/Tcl/Tk.pm: corrected typo in perlTk compatibility

2004-04-17  Vadim Konovalov  <vkonovalov@peterstar.ru>

	* Makefile.PL: fix WinCE case; require Tcl.pm version 0.76
	* Changes: brief summary of changes between 0.76 and 0.77
	* lib/Tcl/Tk.pm: perlTk compatibility: fix support tixNoteBook,
	all widgets live in their packages, special_widget_abilities no
	more used, sub Scrolled0 and %scrolls removed;
	Photo now listed in %ptk2tcltk
	* META.yml: further attempts to correct syntax
	* TODO: tiny fix
	* README: fix WinCE explanations, mention module developers.
	* demos/miltiwidget.pl: tiny fix.
	* t/geomgr.t: geometry test borrowed from perlTk, w/o 'form'
	* t/optmenu.t: suppress 2 fails for now, as those are NYI
	* MANIFEST: reflect adding t/geomgr.t
	0.77 CPAN release

2004-04-16  Jeff Hobbs  <jeffh@ActiveState.com>

	* lib/Tcl/Tk.pm (DialogBox): support -popover, cursor by default.
	(ROText): proper implementation that is read-only to the user.
	(DialogBox): don't use [list] to set button command value, as then
	it will be returned as a list.  Instead use [] around the command,
	which correctly listifies things.

2004-04-16  Gisle Aas  <gisle@ActiveState.com>

	* Makefile.PL: Cleanup.  Use Getopt::Long instead of handcoded
	option parsing. Integrate ceMakefile.PL.
	* lib/Tcl/Tk.pm: Subclass Tcl as Tcl does not subclass Tcl::Tk
	any more.
	* lib/Tcl/Tk.pm: Enable XS version check during bootstrap.
	* lib/Tcl/Tk:pm: pTk compat; support radiobutton.

2004-04-15  Jeff Hobbs  <jeffh@ActiveState.com>

	* lib/Tcl/Tk.pm (Menubutton): pass -tearoff to created submenu.
	(messageBox): note that the -type isn't pTk compatible yet.

2004-04-14  Jeff Hobbs  <jeffh@ActiveState.com>

	* lib/Tcl/Tk.pm (messageBox): add pTk compat for tk_messageBox

2004-04-13  Jeff Hobbs  <jeffh@ActiveState.com>

	* lib/Tcl/Tk.pm (Getimage): correct creation of bitmaps to not use
	the -format option.
	Move a few more warnings to DEBUG level 1.
	Update version to 0.77 to distinguish from release version.

2004-04-14  Vadim Konovalov  <vkonovalov@peterstar.ru>

	* lib/Tcl/Tk.pm (need_tk): remove tiny obsolete piece

2004-04-14  Vadim Konovalov  <vkonovalov@peterstar.ru>

	* lib/Tcl/Tk.pm: Optionmenu now imlpemented using tk_optionMenu
	removed Tix, itk implementations of Optionmenu.
	Tcl::Tk::Widget::MultipleWidget understands a bit more options.
	* t/optmenu.t: passed most test, yet there are incompatibilities.

2004-04-13  Vadim Konovalov  <vkonovalov@peterstar.ru>

	* lib/Tcl/Tk.pm: Optionmenu further imlpementation (although
	not complete; there are two implementations: using Tix and Itk)
	(need_tk): now recursively used.
	Tcl::Tk::Widget::MultipleWidget understands a bit more options.
	* t/optmenu.t added, it currently do not cleanly passes test.
	* MANIFEST mentions adding t/optmenu.t

2004-04-12  Jeff Hobbs  <jeffh@ActiveState.com>

	* lib/Tcl/Tk.pm (need_tk): more BWidget widgets support (ComboBox,
	ListBox and BWTree).
	(Menu): entryconfigure support in menus.
	(Tree): handle -options as efficient list, remove
	special_widget_abilities (requires very recent Tix).

2004-04-12  Vadim Konovalov  <vkonovalov@peterstar.ru>
	* lib/Tcl/Tk.pm: Optionmenu very first steps
	changed few $int->call(...); to $int->icall(...);

2004-04-12  Vadim Konovalov  <vkonovalov@peterstar.ru>
	* lib/Tcl/Tk.pm: removed package Tcl::Tk::Widget::Scrolled
	Renamed sub Scrolled to Scrolled0, Scrolled now uses
	Tcl::Tk::Widget::MultipleWidget, yet it has more implemented
	methods now.

2004-04-09  Jeff Hobbs  <jeffh@ActiveState.com>

	* lib/Tcl/Tk.pm (Tree): recognize addchild, anchor, column and
	delete submethods.
	(new): Call to CreateMainWindow no longer needed.

	* Makefile.PL: add the ability to control what tclsh we build with
	by passing --tclsh (unused, paired to Tcl's Makefile.PL),
	--tclconfig (path to tclConfig.sh to get data from),
	--tkconfig (path to tkConfig.sh to get data from) and
	--buildspec (use BUILD spec info in conjunction with --*config).

	* Tk.xs (CreateMainWindow): delete unused (pre-Tk8) code.  This is
	now just a shell function for those that may still call it.

2004-04-08  Jeff Hobbs  <jeffh@ActiveState.com>

	* lib/Tcl/Tk.pm (new): set Tk::VERSION for pTk compatability.
	(AUTOLOAD): Raise main DEBUG prints to level 2, add level 1 DEBUG
	prints keyed to each type of method created.
	Reorder the AUTOLOAD precedence, moving wm/winfo methods after the
	ptk2tcltk_mapper and special_widget_abilities checks.  Add 'pack'
	to the camelCase sub recognition.
	Significantly increase AUTOLOAD usage by making geometry,
	protocol, title, reqwidth, reqheight, screenwidth, screenheight,
	height, width, rgb, children, packPropagate, fontNames, idletasks,
	font, waitVariable AUTOLOADED.
	Add resizable, deiconify, iconify, group, maxsize, stackorder,
	state, transient and widthraw to 'wm' method AUTOLOADs.
	(DialogBox): add pTk compat sub (not completed)

2004-04-06  Jeff Hobbs  <jeffh@ActiveState.com>

	* lib/Tcl/Tk.pm (Scrolled): call ScrolledWindow instead of
	replicating code to do the same.
	(create_ptk_widget_sub): compress ptk2tcltk mapping by using an
	array of [widget, wprefix, ?package?].
	(need_tk): simplify with fallback to package require.

2004-04-05  Jeff Hobbs  <jeffh@ActiveState.com>

	* lib/Tcl/Tk.pm: make many DEBUG calls check for DEBUG level > 1.
	(gridSlaves): return proper widget objects.
	(chooseDirectory): added pTk compat func.
	(DialogBox): added a not implemented warning stub.
	Added some more widgets to recognize.

2004-04-05  Vadim Konovalov  <vkonovalov@peterstar.ru>

	* lib/Tcl/Tk.pm corrected typo in comment about Tree widget
	(_process_underline): now it takes ref to hash and edits it
	to save array copies.

	Tcl::Tk::Widget::MultipleWidget now started working (to ease
	perlTk compatibility)

	Version 0.76 for releasing to CPAN

	* META.yml remove DOS line endings, Tk.pm=>lib/Tcl/Tk.pm

	* demos/tcltkdb.pm made some ptkdb::xxx=>tcltkdb changes to
	unfrustrate indexer

	* MANIFEST change to add demo and improve explaining a bit
	added demos/multiwidget.pl as example how to use

2004-04-02  Jeff Hobbs  <jeffh@ActiveState.com>

	* lib/Tcl/Tk.pm (Menu, Menubutton): process ~ => -underline.
	(Getimage): inline findINC and fix to look in "Tk/" subdirs.
	(w_uniq): more debugging info.
	(getOpenFile, getSaveFile): add as pTk compat functions
	(AUTOLOAD): handle after[A-Z]* commands as pTk compat funcs.

2004-04-01  Jeff Hobbs  <jeffh@ActiveState.com>

	* lib/Tcl/Tk.pm (need_tk): 'call' package requires with unless
	check for Tix packages.
	(tk_gestapo): add callerfile:callerline to warning
	(iconimage): add unimplemented stub for pTk 'iconimage'
	(ItemStyle, Getimage, findInc): add compat routines for pTk's
	ItemStyle, Getimage and finInc functions
	(Panedwindow): alias to 8.4 core panedwindow widget
	(Menu, Menubutton): add support for cget -menu and attempt to
	configure the toplevel menu when created.
	(Tree): add compat routine for pTk Tree
	(Scrolled): Tree does its own scrolling (other widgets may too)

2004-03-31  Jeff Hobbs  <jeffh@ActiveState.com>

	* lib/Tcl/Tk.pm: add BEGIN usage comments for DEBUG and cleaned up
	(need_tk): prefer call over Eval and destroy dummy widgets.
	(AUTOLOAD): handle grid[A-Z]* commands properly in pTk compat.

	* Tk.pm (removed), lib/Tcl/Tk.pm (added):
	* Makefile.PL: move Tk.pm to more standard lib/Tcl location,
	* MANIFEST:    simplifying WriteMakefile.  DISTNAME also uses CPAN
	standard Tcl-Tk now (was TclTk).

2004-03-29  Jeff Hobbs  <jeffh@ActiveState.com>

	* t/Tk.xbm, t/Xcamel.gif, t/folder.xpm, t/photo.t, t/zzPhoto.t:
	* META.yml: added files for 0.75 that weren't in CVS

2004-03-28  Vadim Konovalov  <vkonovalov@peterstar.ru>

	released version 0.75 to CPAN

	DEBUG now off by default
	Added file Meta.yml (but CPAN indexer reports syntax error)
	Must correct this according to CPAN specs

	README more explanations and better structured

	More perlTk compatibility:
	  * Listbox/perlTk => listbox
	  * Tcl::Tk::Exists (Tk::Exists)
	  * 'Darken' widget method (borrowed from Widget.pm/perlTk)
	  * 'timer' behaves like widget
	  * replaced options now could be subroutine ref
	  * canvas bind
	  * Photo
	  * Menu, Menubutton much more capable now
	  * few others (wm, winfo, ...)

2004-03-22  Jeff Hobbs  <jeffh@ActiveState.com>

	* Tk.pm: correct pannedwindow -> panedwindow
	Add hijacking of Tk::* modules on @INC path to detect when Tk is
	being loaded after we have been.  At some point this either needs
	to be disallowed or (better yet) the modules must be emulated
	using Tcl::Tk.

	started using ChangeLog