Revision history for Perl extension Tcl::Tk.

1.12	13-jul-2018
	- workaround when tcl/tk installation lacks snit and tklib; use own
	- ChangeLog no longer maintained, remove it

1.06	23-jun-2018
	- now on github
	- get contribution from MaxPerl, etc

1.04	20-feb-2011
	- t/canvas.t new test file, t/* files improved
	- demos/ moved out into separate module

1.03	19-feb-2011
	- remove need_tk
	- for a widget method now could be specified that it returns
	  another widget (so it Tcl::Tk::Widget::xxx is instantiated)
	- for a widget now could be specified methods that it processed
	  itself (i.e. $canv->raise will be transformed to ".canv raise"
	  and not to "raise .canv")
	- small cleanups of Tcl::Tk and one bug fix for MainWindow
	- demo is better

0.99	13-jan-2011
	- removed $Tcl::Tk::DEBUG, sub _DEBUG, sub tkgestapo etc.
	- sub new more Carp-friendly
	- better _fast and manyCamelCaseMethods handling
	- now wdiget methods that return widgets could be specified,
	  (need documenting)
	- Exporter was used not right WRT tags
	- fix Optionmenu implementation, remove Optionmenu_obsolete
	- TODO changed
	- demos/ seriously reworked

0.97    07-jun-2007
	- $widget->camelCaseMethodSubmethodSubsubmethod
	- cleaner Tcl::Tk::new method
	- most widgets methods are expected to return single string

0.95    11-may-2007
	- fix lost file Tcl/Tk/Widget/ borrowed from perlTk
	- actually make CPAN indexer happy

0.94    09-may-2007
	- Separator widget
	- check for snit package

0.92    17-oct-2006
	- robust implementation of creation of widgets package
	- Scrolled improvement - now wrapped widget could be dealt directly
	- 'bind' now much better

0.91    16-oct-2006
	- starting from 0.90 snit is a requirement
	- Scrolled reimplementation
	- awkward Tcl::Tk::Widget::MultipleWidget gone away
	- Optionmenu better implementation
	- Declare(...) is now also interpreter method

0.90    25-aug-2006
	- ROText better implementation
	- better CamelCase AUTOLOAD, refer to widget method if created with
	  create_method_in_widget_package sub
	- one more t/ file

0.88    23-aug-2005
	- bug fixes
	- some tests

0.87    02-feb-2005
	- updates in documentation
	- implement better cleanup on destruction of widgets, but not enable
	  it currently
	- AUTOLOAD for $interp->method(...), $interp->meThod(...) in the same
          way as for Tcl::Tk::Widget objects
	- $interp->_method(...) as faster $interp->method(...)

0.86    28-jan-2005
	- rework documentation
	- $widget->_method(...) as faster but limited version of
	- now module able to deal with multiple interpreters, having
	  widgets with same names
	- more perlTk compatibility
	- documentation improvements
	- more demos/ changes

0.85    31-dec-2004
	- new pkg_require command, deprecates need_tk
	- minor test fixes for portability

0.84    13-sept-2004
	- more perlTk compatibility
	- more tk-demos/ changes

0.80    10-may-2004
	- Makefile.PL now check if Tcl/Tk able to do 'package require Tk'
	- fix META.yml syntax

0.81    09-may-2004
	- completely reworked how information about widgets is organized
	- few bug fixes
	- tk-demos few more demos adopted
	- perlTk compatibility further additions (Bitmap widget, some
	  widgets methods)

0.80    03-may-2004
	- Tcl::Tk module is now pure-perl module; will be part of 'Tcl'
	- tk-demos, demos directories updated
	- added few more tests
	- many improvements in perlTk compatibility code: more widgets,
	  more supported functions, so on.

0.77	17-apr-2004
	- many changes from Jeff Hobbs, Gisle Aas, Vadim Konovalov
	for perlTk compatibility, better structured objects, widgets.
	more added tests (borrowed from perlTk). See ChangeLog for details.
	- ceMakefile.PL now moved to Makefile.PL
0.76	05-apr-2004, Vadim Konovalov
	- many changes from Jeff Hobbs
	  * perlTk compatibility (Tree, Image, getOpenFile, getSaveFile,
	    Menu, many other, see ChangeLog for bigger list), improvements
	  *, now better organized
	- Tcl::Tk::Widget::MultipleWidget now usable but incomplete
	- demo to use MultipleWidget

0.75	28-mar-2004, Vadim Konovalov
	- pannedwindow => panedwindow (Jeff Hobbs)
	- DEBUG now off by default
	- Meta.yml
	- perlTk compatibility:
	  * Listbox/perlTk => listbox
	  * Tcl::Tk::Exists (Tk::Exists)
	  * 'Darken' widget method (borrowed from
	  * 'timer' behaves like widget
	  * replaced options now could be subroutine ref
	  * canvas bind
	  * Photo
	  * Menu, Menubutton much more capable now
	  * few others (wm, winfo, ...)

0.74	21-mar-2004, Vadim Konovalov
	- accept many changes from Jeff Hobbs, TCL guru and lead developer:
	  * pannedwindow
	  * menu widget
	  * many cleanup of code
	- accept changes from Slaven Rezic, wishlist 5656 from,
	  * "font" and "waitVariable" are now available
	  * the standard "Message" widget is now available
	- test is performed (although tiny)
	- added some demos
0.73	(not released to public), Vadim Konovalov
	- many perlTk compatibility changes, autoloading of perlTk widget
	  methods of wwwVvvv type

0.72	20-aug-2003, Vadim Konovalov
	- provide very similar syntax as in perlTk, for SRC-level compatibility
	  (widget methods Text, Button, Frame and so on)
	  But need more and better documentation
	- documentation fixes
	- demos/ added to illustrate 'use Tcl::Tk qw(:perlTk);'

0.7	02-jul-2003, Vadim Konovalov
	- more 'tk-demos' implemented scripts (
        - some fixes from Slaven Rezic
	- awidget, awidgets methods
	- declare_widget method
        - perl-5.005 support (FreeBSD has this version after installation)
	- 'widget' method now return blessed object even if a widget was
	  created outside our module.

0.6	05-jun-2003, Vadim Konovalov
	- more 'tk-demos' implemented scripts
	- OO
	- support for WinCE (
	- More than one interpreter could be created

0.5	25-may-2003, Vadim Konovalov
	- more 'tk-demos' implemented scripts
	- created 'demos' subdir and moved demo scripts to there
	- 'linux' and 'cygwin' supported
	- TODO file added

0.4	19-may-2003, Vadim Konovalov
	- changed version system and added module VERSION variable
	- compatibility changes to support modern versions of Perl and Tcl
	  (perl-5.6.0, perl-5.8.0, tcl-8.4.2)
	- Makefile.PL changed to be more consistent
	- implemented event fields
	- added all files for 'widget' demo from Tcl/Tk distribution
	- changed demos from tcl/tk distribution to run from current system:,,,,

Tcl-b2 1997, Malcolm Beattie
	- Created entire module.