Revision history for CPANPLUS-Dist-Gentoo

0.12    2012-06-15 10:45 UTC
        + Add : The current portage tree timestamp is now checked during
                initialization against the one corresponding to the portage
                tree in use when gentooisms were generated. This works best
                when POSIX::strptime is installed, but it is not explicitely
                required in order to keep boostrapping this module easy.
        + Chg : The default cpan-to-gentoo version mapping has been changed
                to the new saner scheme now used by most ebuilds in the default
                portage tree.
        + Chg : When the 'overlay' option is unspecified, it now defaults to
                the first overlay listed in PORTDIR_OVERLAY.
        + Fix : Gentoo versions x.y.z.0 are now rightfully considered greater
                than x.y.z.
                Thanks Torsten Veller for bringing this to my attention.
        + Fix : Leading zeros in version components of Gentoo versions are now
                handled correctly.
                Thanks Torsten Veller for bringing this to my attention.
        + Fix : Gentoo versions with a zero as suffix or revision index are
                now also handled correctly.
        + Upd : Update gentooisms.
        + Tst : t/99-kwalitee.t will be skipped when only problematic versions
                of its dependencies are available.

0.11    2010-12-16 18:15 UTC
        + Add : configure_requires dependencies are now listed in the DEPEND
                section of the ebuild (in addition to RDEPEND dependencies).
        + Add : The gengentooisms script has been vastly improved. It is now
                mostly autonomous.
        + Chg : The module won't initialize if "emerge --info" doesn't return
                a zero status or if IPC::Cmd can't capture buffers.
        + Chg : The default ebuild description has been made more informative.
        + Doc : The dist options were all clearly documented.
        + Fix : The complete specification for Gentoo ebuild names and
                version numbers (as documented in
                been implemented.
                In particular, this fixes dependencies on Text-Tabs+Wrap.
        + Fix : Gentooisms were extended to also cover discrepancies between
                Gentoo and CPAN version numbers.
                In particular, this fixes dependencies on ExtUtils-CBuilder,
                ExtUtils-ParseXS, Module-Build and Time-HiRes (and many more).
        + Fix : Versioned atom dependencies now correctly mirror the versions
                specified in the CPAN prerequisites. They used to forcefully
                require the latest available distribution.
        + Fix : The module no longer croaks when handling dists without a META
                This fixes RT #63819.
        + Fix : Cycles in the dependency graph are now solved by specifying
                recursive dependencies in the PDEPEND ebuild section.
                This allows the module to finally generate emergeable ebuilds
                for CPANPLUS and CPANPLUS-Dist-Build, thus making
                CPANPLUS::Dist::Gentoo actually bootstrappable.
        + Fix : Warnings for distributions with unknown licenses.
        + Rem : %CPANPLUS::Dist::Gentoo::Maps::gentooisms is no longer directly
                available. Use CPANPLUS::Dist::Gentoo::Maps::name_c2g() instead.
        + Tst : Improved coverage.
        + Upd : Update gentooisms.

0.10    2010-04-17 14:25 UTC
        + Add : If a distribution specifies a dependency on a specific perl
                version in its META file, the ebuild dependency on dev-lang/perl
                will take it into account.
        + Fix : Placeholders ebuilds are now deleted when an exception is thrown
                or the build process is interrupted by Ctrl-C.
        + Upd : Update gentooisms.

0.09    2009-11-29 14:20 UTC
        + Add : A default header.
        + Add : Redundant dependencies are simplified to a minimal set.
        + Chg : The 'requires' dependencies now go into RDEPEND.
                DEPEND is set to RDEPEND for now.
        + Doc : A section describing how to bootstrap CPANPLUS and
                CPANPLUS::Dist::Gentoo has been added.
        + Fix : dist-options (like the overlay) were not correctly propagated
                through recursive calls.
        + Fix : Work around Kwalitee test misfailures.
        + Upd : One more gentooism : NTLM.

0.08    2009-09-04 18:50 UTC
        + Add : Map licenses advertised in the DSLIP or the META file to their
                Gentoo counterparts.
        + Chg : CPANPLUS::Dist::Gentoo has much less public methods and imports.
        + Chg : Don't generate a new ebuild if there's already one available at
                prepare time (unless --force is used).
        + Chg : Vast cleanup of the internals.
        + Fix : Missing dependencies in generated ebuilds (since 0.06).
        + Fix : Stop bailing out if a prerequisite couldn't have been found in
                the module tree (such as Config).
        + Fix : Allow ebuilds whose version is exactly the one required by the
                dependency. This was really stupid of me to let this slip.

0.07    2009-07-01 08:55 UTC
        + Upd : Update gentooisms.

0.06    2009-02-14 18:15 UTC
        + Chg : The new CPANPLUS::Dist::Gentoo::Maps holds the gentooisms and
                provides routines for converting CPAN versions to Gentoo.
       is longer required.
        + Chg : Generate ebuild for the current dist before recursing.
        + Fix : Prevent infinite loop when forcing a distribution with recursive
        + Fix : Remove duplicated dependencies from DEPEND.
        + Upd : Resources in META.yml.
        + Tst : Test gentooisms and version mappings.

0.05    2009-01-25 00:30 UTC
        + Add : Many more gentooisms, and a script to generate them.
        + Add : Get the default values of options from emerge --info's output: 
                - the overlay from PORTDIR_OVERLAY ;
                - the keywords from ACCEPT_KEYWORDS ;
                - the distdir from DISTDIR ;
                - the main portage tree from PORTDIR.
        + Chg : Search in the portage tree for the category (including virtuals)
                each dependency belongs, and state it explictely in the ebuild's
                DEPEND. This change was made necessary because portage recently
                stopped accepting non-existent atoms in || ( ) constructs.
        + Fix : Append our overlay to the ones specified in PORTDIR_OVERLAY (if
                it's not listed yet) when running commands.

0.04    2008-12-06 17:05 UTC
        This release was motivated by Kent Fredric's suggestions in RT #41483.
        Many thanks to him.
        + Add : The --dist-opts 'header' and 'footer', that respectively prepend
                and append any text to the ebuilds.
        + Add : The samples/g-cpanp shell script (don't forget to set the proper
        + Add : Add 'SRC_TEST="do"' in the ebuids so that tests are run when
                'test' is set in FEATURES.
        + Fix : Only the modules in the modules list were fetchable.

0.03    2008-11-29 18:45 UTC
        + Add : --force regenerates ebuilds.
        + Fix : Flaky perl -> portage version conversion.
        + Fix : Prerequisites weren't relinked through gentooisms.
        + Fix : Generating Manifests with user-defined distdir and overlay.
        + Upd : META.yml spec updated to 1.4.

0.02_01 2008-05-26 22:35 UTC
        + Add : The 'keywords' option.
        + Chg : From now, the portage category is perl-gcpanp, for consistency
                with g-cpan.
        + Fix : Empty emerge command.
        + Fix : Missing '-C' to the uninstall command.
        + Fix : Removed an useless debug message.

0.01    2008-05-20 18:10 UTC
        First version, released on an unsuspecting world.