### 2013-07-30 v0.975 beta

  * Fixed: files with content "0" caused crash (unexpected error), issue #42

  * Documentation: small update for Fedora install instructions

  * When downloading from glacier, temporary files were created, download performed, then temp files were renamed to
  target filename (this is atomic), then target file attributes were adjusted and file modification time changed.
  Now chmod/mtime performed before file is renamed. So more atomic now.

  * Fixed: File::Temp required version decreased, so can work on perl-5.8.8 without upgrading this module

  * Internal: Code to work with temporary files reworked, testsuite added. IPC small refactoring + testsuite added.

### 2013-07-21 v0.974 beta

  * Deprecations (deprecated options produce warning, and can start producing errors some day)
  --to-dir, --from-dir deprecated in faviour of --dir
  --from-vault, --to-vault deprecated in faviour of --vault
  --dir for command purge-vault
  --vault for command check-local-hash

  * Documentation: Installation instructions polished (for RHEL + warnings about manual installation)

  * Enhancement: "version"/"--version" command, prints mtglacier version (probably useless, as it printed in any way),
  and prints versions of all used modules. Useful to attach with bug-reports.

  * Enhancement: mtglacier now checks versions of every loaded module runtime, in case of mess with install.

### 2013-07-13 v0.973 beta

  * mt-aws-glacier can now be installed using CPAN tool. Docs updated with installation instructions.

  * Config file now detect config syntax errors better and reports it together with file name and line number

  * Config options without values (follow, dry-run, stdin, new, replace-modified, delete-removed) can now be used in
  config file

  * Enhancement: sync now acception --follow - follow symbolic links, documentation updated.

  * Enhancement: --detect now accepts new value "size-only"

### 2013-07-10 v0.972 beta

  * FSM potential bug fixed, can lead to possible instability

  * FSM bug fixed - with --concurrency=1 it was not deleting old archives after upload replacements

  * Enhancement: --detect now accepts new value "always-positive"

### 2013-07-09 v0.971 beta

  * Enhancement: sync command now can synchronize modified files or propogate deletions (backward compatibility
  with previous command line API preserved) - see documentation for sync command (--new, --replace-modified,
  --delete-removed, --detect options)

  * Compatibility: journal format modified. only backward compatibility preserved, no forward compatibility (i.e. if you
  use this version once and modify journal, you can't downgrade)

  * check-local-hash output minor changes

  * Now compatible with ancient versions of LWP::UserAgent (5.803+ ) in HTTP mode, such versions shipped with
  CentOS 5.x (or maybe even 6.x). Note that that does not mean that ancient versions of LWP are stable ;)

  * Enhancement: mtglacier now raises error "Journal is from future version of mtglacier" if journal cant be parsed and
  it seems that it's from future.

  * Internal changes: prepare for implementing file versioning, prepare for publishing as CPAN distribution, improved
  test suite

### 2013-06-26 v0.963 beta

  * Fixed - restore-completed sometimes restore existing files when filesystem-encoding is not UTF-8  and filename contains non-ASCII characters

### 2013-06-05 v0.962 beta

  * Enhancement: 'timeout' option added for network socket timeout and documentation updated. Default timeout
  changed from 120 to 180 seconds

  * Detection of Amazon Glacier ThrottlingException

  * Better handling of server closing connection, after headers sent, for download-inventory as well

  * Better handling of server closing connection, after headers sent, for all other types of requests

  * Finally defined in README and code minimum Perl version required - 5.8.8 (pretty old, AFAIK there are no
  supported distributions with older Perls)

  * Reading and parsing Journal file optimized (~ 2 times faster for UTF-8 filenames, and ~3 times faster
  for ASCII-only filenames)

### 2013-06-01 v0.961 beta

  * Enhancement: segment-size option added for restore-completed command for multi-segment downloads

  * Documentation: restore-completed documentation updated

  * Enhancement: Now all downloads performed to temp files. Temp file renamed to real files only when download succeed.

  * Fixed: If server closes connection, after sending headers (when downloading files), this was not detected and no
  error was thrown (it's not reported by underlying HTTP library for case non-chunked-transfer)

  * Fixed: some other errors from underlying HTTP library detected

  * Fixed: it there was more than 100 retries for a request (due to timeout/etc), program now terminates with error,
  instead of reporting success.

  * Fixed: for systems with non-UTF-8 filesystems, file modification time sometime was not adjusted after files
  downloaded with restore-completed command

  * Fixed: SIGHUP added to list of signal for graceful handling (i.e terminate fast when you close terminal)

  * Fixed: Exceptions error message placeholder were not resolved when error printed

### 2013-05-26 v0.957 beta

  * STS/IAM security tokens support added

  * Documentation: typo fixed - setup instructions was incorrect - need to install LWP::Protocol::https instead of
  LWP::Useragent::https (LWP::Protocol::https is a typo, and does not exists)

  * Documentation: described behavior of restore and restore-completed commands

### 2013-05-26 v0.956 beta

  * Fixed - 'Restore' command now skips retrieval of files, which were retrieved by mtglacier in last 24h (retrievals
  tracked in Journal using system clock). Also existing files skipped. Previous behavior was: skip only existing files.

  * Some more error handling in HTTP processing

### 2013-05-26 v0.955 beta

  * Fixed - timeout error from underlying HTTP Library was not detected

### 2013-05-19 v0.954 beta

  * Fixed bug - when child worker terminated with a signal, it's possible that STDOUT buffers won't be flushed, and
  as some error messages were printed to STDOUT they was truncated in this case.

### 2013-05-19 v0.953 beta

  * Error messages added if detect journal from future version of mtglacier. Also other errors in parsing
  line properly handled.

  * Error message added - refuse to work with journal files where last line does not end with LF (or CRLF). That could
  mean journal is truncated/damaged.

  * Possibility to work with Journal files, which use CRLF as line separator

  * Error message (instead of unexpected error) added for case when filenames are too big (limit
  is 700 ASCII or 350 2-bytes UTF-8). Limitation section updated for this case in README.

### 2013-05-19 v0.952 beta

  * Some error handling rework. Errors for file opens (permissions problems), invalid characters in filenames, some misc
  errors, are thrown with sane error message and helpful information

  * Some more internal changes related to internal IPC protocol

  * Documentation: 'Limitations' section added.

### 2013-05-09 v0.951 beta

  * Bug fixed: In previous version (v0.944) a bug was introduced when downloading inventory (download_inventory_command).
  If inventory size (JSON encoded) was more than 999999 bytes (~1Mb), download failed with a message:
  "unexpected end of string while parsing JSON string, at character offset NNNNN (before "(end of string)")
  at ... /lib/App/MtAws/LineProtocol.pm line 42. (notice LineProtocol.pm, other file will mean different issue)

  * download_inventory command CPU and memory usage optimized

  * Some internal changes related to internal IPC protocol

### 2013-04-30 v0.944 beta

  * Better signal/program termination handling.
  Signal number has hardcoded, so on (some?) (non-linux?) systems that was a different signal, resulting in
  core dump after successful program termination (signal with default action core dump)
  Also previously, after termination mtglacier were sending much more signals to it child processes, than
  required for communication, this could result in segfault it Perl (again, after successful termination)

  * Reworked messages when mtglacier terminated (with Ctrl-C or exception)

  * select() call was not protected from EINTR, this could case crash in rare circumstances (for example if ran
  under "truss -f" on FreeBSD (strace -f analog)

  * There was a mix of select()/eof() and buffered IO in Perl code, this could lead to bugs in the future.

  * Protect IO calls from possible EINTR to avoid possible Perl
  bug http://www.perlmonks.org/?node_id=1026468 http://www.perlmonks.org/?node_id=1026542

  * Workaround a Perl "feature": When terminal-encoding set to single-byte encoding (i.e. under *BSD), whole thing
  can hang (with 100% CPU) if random data (i.e. user files content, non UTF-8 filenames, binary hashes) printed to
  STDERR (i.e. a stacktrace after error) https://rt.perl.org/rt3//Public/Bug/Display.html?id=117537

  * Documentation: This ChangeLog reformatted for better readability

  * Documentation: Journal Concept section added https://github.com/vsespb/mt-aws-glacier#journal-concept

  * Documentation: --from-dir was changed to --dir and --to-vault changed to --vault (in code this change was several
  versions ago. both options are valid now. --from-dir and --to-vault will be deprecated soon)

### 2013-04-27 v0.943 beta

  * Debug code added to troubleshoot issues #28,#33:
  If MTGLACIER_DEBUG_INVENTORY=1 is set, download-inventory command
  will write two log files: _download_inventory_body.log and _download_inventory_headers.log with
  request/response headers and response body

### 2013-04-09 v0.942 beta

  * Regression fixed - print user friendly error message in case Permission Denied errors.

### 2013-04-07 v0.941 beta

  * Regression fixed - A code which prints user friendly error message, in case HTTPS libraries are not installed,
  was not working.

  * leaf-optimization option added (default is on).
  Allows to disable file tree traversal leaf-optimization for (some? broken?) CIFS/CD-ROM filesystems

### 2013-03-19 v0.936 beta

  * File selection implemented (see "File selection options" in README)

  * --dry-run command implemented

  * Bug fixed - it was impossible to use some options in config (like 'from-dir' 'to-vault'). Internally
  those were option aliases.

### 2013-03-18 v0.935 beta

  * Fixed - check-local-hash should not crash on 0-size files (even though normally there should not be any)

### 2013-03-18 v0.934 beta

  * Better handling of IO errors in 'check-local-hash' command - print error, continue with other files,
  return exit code 1 in the end.

### 2013-03-13 v0.933 beta

  * Fix crash in 'help' command, bug was introduced a day ago.

  * New version numbering for beta versions - 0.9XY. Where 'X' is a month number of year 2013. 'Y' is number a of
  a release in this month. So 0.933beta is 3rd release in April 2013

### 2013-03-12: v0.89 beta

  * Single-byte character encodings support for *BSD systems added (see "Configuring Character Encoding") in README.

  * When uploading from STDIN and file is empty, don't create Amazon Glacier upload id before throwing error

### 2013-03-04: v0.88 beta

  * upload-file command implemented (upload from STDIN or single upload from file). See README.

  * Internal: New Config Engine (config/command line options processing) - will help implement
  advanced functionality in the future

  * Fix possible crash when read(2) system call can return partial result,
  see http://www.perlmonks.org/?node_id=435814

### 2013-02-23: v0.87 beta

  * More verbose error message if we found broken UTF-8 in filenames

  * More verbose error message in case of permission problems when reading files from disk

  * Error checking for key/secret/region format added

  * Some minor internal changes and test improvements

### 2013-01-29: v0.86 beta

  * Bug fixed: when doing retrieval or delete, crash after successful finishing (only happened
  when concurrency=1). Regression of bug fixed in 0.76beta.

  * Changed project file structure. Modules moved to lib/App/MtAws

  * mtglacier.pl now deprected, use mtglacier

  * Now you can execute mtglacier command from any directory, or create a symlink to it - it will find
  other package files by itself

  * Minor fixes in help command output and cosmetic changes

### 2013-01-28: v0.85 beta

  * Create/delete vault support

### 2013-01-28: v0.84 beta

  * HTTPS Support added

  * Bug fixed: Some (UTF-8) metadata characters was
  double-encoded (however it can be read without problems)

  * Compatibility - Amazon Glacier Metadata: only backward compatible with previous versions.

  * Documentation improvements

  * Error checking improved when reading config file

### 2013-01-21: v0.83 beta

  * Bug fixed. File modification time 1970-01-01T00:00:00Z0 (i.e. epoch time = 0 ) was causing crash when
  uploading and missing file report when check-local-hash

  * Main script: Changed shebang from /usr/bin/perl to /usr/bin/env - this will
  allow Mac Port users to work out of the box

  * Main script: Cosmetic changes in --help output

  * Documentation: added names of CentOS packages, better example of config
  file, cosmetic changes, fixed spelling mistakes

### 2013-01-12: v0.82 beta

  * retrieve-inventory/download-inventory commands added. You can now restore journal file
  from scratch, from Amazon Glacier metadata

  * Now when downloading files from glacier - restore original modification time

  * Fixed - File modification time - date before 1970 were not working

  * Improvement in error checking command line parameters

  * Error checking added for read/write availability of journal file

  * Internal: improvements to unit tests

### 2013-01-02: v0.81 beta

  * Error handling when parsing command line implemented + --help command

  * Security - considering filenames coming from "external" sources (from Glacier and from Journal file)
  as unsecure. Sanitize/check it.

  * Some internal changes to TreeHash implementing (does not affect
  working code, but needs for future enhancements)

  * Dependency removed - MIME::Base64::encode_base64url (implemented in 2010 in
  MIME::Base64), This function is re-implemented. So we can use older versions of this module.

### 2012-12-27: v0.80 beta

  * Storing Amazon Glacier metadata (x-amz-archive-description) when
  upload files implemented (using custom format).

  * More verbose output for check-local-hash command

  * Internal: Huge testsuite improvements

  * Internal: Refactored: command-line options
  processing, Glacier requests code, main program, misc

  * New Journal format: added support of file modification time, added journal
  version makers (software fully works with old journal files)

### 2012-12-07: v0.78 beta

  * Full internal UTF-8 support introduced. Can use wide characters in filenames, command line options

### 2012-12-05: v0.77 beta

  * Replace File::Path::make_path with legacy method File::Path::mkpath so it's compatible now with
  older perl distribution (File::Path 1.08 CentOS 5.8)

  * fixed problem when relative filenames start with "0" character

### 2012-11-21: v0.76 beta

  * Retrieval work improved: Can use more than just 50 first retrieval jobs (walking job list
  pagination). Requesting only completed job list,	so use fewer requests.

  * Fixed bug when restore process crashed after successful finishing (only happened when concurrency=1)

  * Documentation fixes: Installation instructions improved. Help/Contribute section added.

### 2012-11-17: v0.75 beta

  * Bug fixed when signature not calculated
  right with retrieve requests (bug found in 0.74 after SHA256 optimization)

  * Increased internal limit for maximum in-progress files while uploading (was 3 now 30)

### 2012-11-15: v0.74 beta

  * Improved CPU usage apprx 30% - 1) SHA256 was calculated twice sometimes 2) In case data chunk < 1 MB we can
  use that TreeHash is equal to SHA256

  * Debug code removed, which were causing failing requests in 20% cases

  * Some refactoring

### 2012-11-15: v0.73 beta

  * Sign request right before sending to network. Fixing the following 1) when request is retried due to 408/500 error,
  we resign it, thus timestamp won't expire 2) put all heavy operations like SHA calculation before signature/timestamp

  * Some legacy code removed

### 2012-10-24: v0.72 beta

  * Some effort to manage mtglacier version information, print version each run. Report version in HTTP
  UserAgent string.

  * Show some progress when reading large local directory listings

  * Retry with throttling 408/500 HTTP requests. 408 can mean timeout/bad bandwidth. 500 means Amazon not ready yet.

  * Some old unused code removed

  * Option --max-number-of-files now works with "sync" and limits number of files to synchronize

  * More verbose output

  * For certain commands like Sync read only not-yet-synced filenames into memory (saves memory when working
  with huge filesets)

  * Use Journal module to handle journals and file listings + unit test the module

### 2012-08-28: v0.7 beta

  * initial release