Revision history for ZConf

5.0.0	2011-02-17/06:30
		-Cleanup initialization of the new methods. The backends will also never return undef now.
		-'bin/zcget' now does proper regex escaping unless -r is specified.
		-Remove sysmode. Everything it use to do can now be done via specifying a config file and setting the base stuff.
		-Add ZConf->getVar, ZConf->getMeta, ZConf->getComment.

4.2.1	2011-02-14/18:30
		-"bin/zccdump" added. This should of been added previously, but was not do to a commit error.

4.2.0	2010-11-11/12:30
		-Minor correction in 'MANIFEST'.
		-Add 'initBackend' method to 'ZConf'.
		-Rewrite 'new' method chunk to use 'initBackend'.
		-Cleanup 'LDAPconnect' method in 'ZConf'.
		-Add 'writeSetFromZML' method for all.
		-All write methods for the backends now use 'writeSetFromZML'.

4.1.0	2010-10-30/22:00
		-CPAN should now show the POD for ZConf::backends::files.
		-Add the method 'dumpToZML' and 'isConfigLoaded' to 'ZConf'.
		-'writeSetFromLoadedConfig' now verifies if the config is loaded.
		-Add 'bin/zccdump'.
		-Add 'Module::List' as a dependency to 'Makefile.PL' as it was missing.
		-Update 'MANIFEST', fixing lots of missing stuff.
		-Add some nicer example stuff to the POD.
		-The 'writeSetFromLoadedConfig' for the backends now checks if a config is loaded and for the config name.
		-Rename anything improperly labeled function is labeled method.

4.0.1	2010-10-24/07:45
		-Correct getAvailableSets if it does not error.

4.0.0	2010-09-24/06:50
		-Break the backends out into seperate modules.
		-Lots of documentation cleanup.

3.1.1	2010-05-29/
		-Clean up the documentation on the regex get functions.

3.1.0	2010-03-12/06:10
		-Add the methods 'error' and 'errorString'.
		-Fix writing newly initiated configs in LDAP so it no longer complains
			about 'zconfRev' not being present in the entry.

3.0.2	2009-12-13/20:20
		-Make sure it uses the proper LDAP attribute
			for lock checking.

3.0.1	2009-12-13/20:00
		-Fix lock syncing.

3.0.0	2009-12-05/13:30
		-Correct auto hostname choosing.
		-Now EESDP LDAP compatible, this means it uses
			Net::LDAP::AutoDNs and Net::LDAP::AutoServer for
			fetching information.

2.0.1	2009-11-26/8:00
		-If a override chooser is not present, the override method just
			returns 1.

2.0.0	2009-11-23/20:00
		-the writeFromHash functions now use ZML instead of creating
			them manually. This makes it more robust as it is easier
			add support in the future for what ever supported by ZML
			and it does checking of the variable names.
		-Add meta and comment support methods as listed below.
		-Add support for config revisions and support methods.
		-Added update if change support methods.
		-Added automatic rereading to the methods listed below.
		-Add 'zconfRev' and 'zconfLock' to the LDAP schema.
		-Add config locking and supporting methods.
		-All backend related methods now call the backend
			related methods for checking if a config exists
			or not.
		-Modified time support added. The meta $var='mtime'
			is set to the UNIX time when it is changed. It can be
			fetched using getMtime.
		-Create time support added. The meta $var='ctime'
			is set to the UNIX time when it was created. It can be
			fetched using getCtime.
		-Add ldap/<profile>/passwordfile support to zconf.zml.
		-If a set name is not specified for writing to LDAP or the
			file backend, it will now properly choose one. Previously
			it only would if the generic ones were called.
		-When syncing to file backend, it will now make sure the config
			exists and if not it will be created.
		-Lots of assorted POD cleanups.
		-Add override support and the support methods listed below. override
			is ran when ever readFile or readLDAP is called.

1.3.1	2009-11-17/15:00
		-Add misc ca and cert stuff that was forgotten about.

1.3.0   2009-11-17/06:40
		-Update LDAP schema. 'zconfRev' is not in use yet, but will be in the
			next release.
		-Fix the '-f' flag for 'bin/zcset'.
		-Correct the manifest.
		-All the scripts are now executable.
		-No longer uses 'Net::LDAP::Express'.
		-starttls now supported for LDAP.
		-Adds the the following scripts for working with the choosers.

1.2.1	2009-10-16/2:00
		-Correct which file is being loaded.

1.2.0	2009-07-08/01:00
		-Fix system mode.
		-Implement system mode support in all the utilities.
		-Update system mode documentation.

1.1.1	2009-05-07/00:30
		-defaultSetExists now actually works instead of always returning true.
		-setExists will now use defaultSetExists if no set is specified.

1.1.0	2009-04-12/14:30
		-Implement system mode.
		-New cleanup.

1.0.0	2009-03-02/05:00
		-Removed 'chooseSetFile' and 'chooseSetLDAP' as it now uses readChooser.
		-Implement read fall through for. Now any reads that error for LDAP, will try
			to use the file backend.

0.7.1	2009-02-16/5:20
		-Fix error strings for writeSetFromHash
		-Fix ZML parsing error in 'readFile'. It now properply parses
			multiline variables.

0.7.0	2008-12-09/7:30
		-Import the ZConf utilities.

0.6.0	2008-10-10/16:40
		-Changed the LDAP connection error code from 0 to 34. Now any time it's
			value is true there is an error.
		-Clean up the POD for delSet*
		-Fix call to delSetFile in delConfig instead of delConfigFile
		-delConfigFile now uses getAvailableSetsFile instead of getAvailableSets

0.5.0   2008-10-09/19:00
		-Add LDAPconnect, LDAPgetConfMessage, LDAPgetConfMessageOne, LDAPgetConfEntry,
			delConfig, delConfigFile, and delConfigLDAP.
		-Now uses LDAPconnect for forming all connections.
		-LDAPget* is now used for fetching various LDAP stuff.

0.4.0	2008-09-19/19:30
		-Add delSet, delSetFile, delSetLDAP, and setExists.
		-Make sure setDefault blanks errors.
		-Document the internal hash 'set'.
		-The name checks now check for undefined ones as well.

0.3.2	2008-07-22/19:15
		-Fix a major error with readFile.

0.3.2	2008-07-12/19:20
		-Fully implement and document defaultSetExists.

0.3.0	2008-07-12/18:55
		-Add a few missing ';'s in the POD
		-Remove stray comments in the LDAP schema.
		-Added unloadConfig function.

0.2.0	2008-06-24/2:00
		-Fix some documentation.
		-Implement getSubConfig functions.

0.1.8	2008-06-23/14:20
		-Fix chooseSetFile being used instead of choose for the read part
		-Fix variable name checking in setVar
		-Fix error in regexVarDel
		-Fix issues with the documentation missing ';' in someplaces.

0.1.7	2008-05-24/19:16
		-Forgot to remove a bit of debugging.

0.1.6	2008-05-24/19:16
		-Fix regexGetVar.

0.1.5	2008-05-24/3:21
		-Rebump version as the removal of it does constitute a major change.

0.0.5	2008-05-24/3:20
		-Remove parseZML and use ZML->parse for any thing it was doing before.

0.0.4	2008-05-22/19:20
		-Fix error with writeSetFromLoadedConfig not passing writeSetFromLoadedConfigFile %args.

0.0.3	2008-05-22/14:20
		-Add LDAP schema to the pod.

0.0.2	2008-05-21/19:31
		-No longer requires a hash be defined with new.
		-Fix default set deciding for writeSetFromHash. It was using "defualt" if
			the set was not defined. Now it uses '$self->{args}{default}'.
		-Fixed sync issues with writeSetFromHash.
		-Fix chooseSet* as they were returning 'default' instead of '$self->{args}{default}'
			when no chooser or the like was present.
		-Fix chooseSet* warnings and handling of bad set names. It now returns
			'$self->{args}{default}' on error.
		-Fix issue with read trying to sync and not passing writeSetFromLoadedConfigFile
			all of %args.

0.0.1	2008-05-21/15:20
		-Fixed some formatting issues with the POD.

0.0.0	2008-05-20/17:38
		-Initial release.