Revision history for ZConf-Bookmarks

0.2.4	2009-10-18/15:20
		-Misc fixes to 'modBookmark'.

0.2.3	2009-10-18/03:30
		-Misc fixes to 'delBookmark'.

0.2.2	2009-10-18/03:15
		-Correct 'delBookmark' not saving after the change.
		-Misc warning cleanups.

0.2.1	2009-10-17/15:50
		-Correct how 'addBookmark' calls 'bookmarkExists'.
		-All schemes are now coverted to lowercase.

0.2.0	2009-10-17/01:00
		-Add the method 'getBookmark'.
		-Massive number of bug fixes in regards to interfacing with ZConf.

0.1.0	2009-02-23/01:30
		-Add 'listSets', 'getSet', and 'readSet'.
		-Now defaults to autoinit being on.

0.0.0	2009-01-26/08:00
		-Initial release.