Revision history for Wubot

0.3.10 2011-10-12T12:37PDT

  - fixes for some test cases
    - Command reactor sorts entries in command log directory
    - WebFetch monitor expected text from google search page

  - IRC reactor does not attempt to send data when disconnected

0.3.9 2011-10-19T19:57PDT

  - add 'status' field to the command reactor, tweak some test cases
  - force timezone for pulse test cases
  - Uptime monitor sets status to 'OK' rather than 'ok' for state reactor
  - tweaks to State reactor and test case
  - UrlLengthen reactor gives a more terse message on failure to load library
  - status reactor test case fix
  - tivo monitor tweaks
    - fix bug where tivo monitor rules not run on new show/folder count message
    - reports total disk space used and total size of new recordings

0.3.8 2011-10-13T13:46PDT

  - support parentheses in conditions
  - add a Status reactor to track the status of plugin instances
    - add 'WARNING' status to many monitor plugins
  - multiple fixes to test cases
    - when running 'make test', schemas are read from dist rather than ~/wubot/schemas
    - OS X specific plugins no longer fail on other operating systems
    - fix dependency list in UrlLengthen reactor test case
  - tivo plugin reports total count of shows and folders
  - EmacsOrgMode plugin test case bug fix
  - replace 'eval "require $class"' with Class::Load
  - multiple doc updates

0.3.7 2011-10-10T10:41PDT

  - replace YAML with YAML::XS
  - add a new FirefoxBookmarks monitor
  - significantly performance increase in App::Wubot::Conditions
  - add 'username' to console notification
  - remove duplicated 'username' data from subject of IRC monitor
  - improvements to the State reactor
  - monitors share a single instance of the reactor object
  - WebMatches plugin sends a warning if no matches found
  - WebMatches can now use 's' regexp modifier instead of the default 'm'
  - XMLTV plugin properly reports count of processed entries
  - wubot-check does not attempt to vacuum message queue db
  - wubot-webui uses App::Wubot::Logger
  - OsxActiveApp determines active application with applescript rather than python script
  - a few log level adjustments
  - multiple documentation tweaks
  - handle bug with failure performing vacuum on non-existent database

0.3.6 2011-09- 2T01:30PDT

  - update docs
  - remove 'tags' from App::Wubot::Check, replaced by 'mailbox'
  - updates to notification web interface
  - fixing broken dist tarball from 0.3.5 which included previous wubot releases

0.3.5 2011-09-12T12:27PDT

  - rename 'wubot' to 'App::Wubot' to allow install from CPAN
  - prevent issues when both reactor and monitor try to vacuum database at same time
  - fix bug where monitor rules weren't running on forked plugins
    - CPAN, TiVo, XMLTV, and XMPP

0.3.4 2011-09-23T23:06PDT

  - first non-trial CPAN release
  - multiple url Lengthener improvements
  - documentation updates
  - user reactor allows rules to be defined in user config
  - multiple web module updates, web interface still under construction
  - fix multiple bugs in xmltv since schema config file reorg
  - resolve a bug where a corrupt userdb file silently prevented userdb reactor from working
  - enable utf8 in log4perl appenders

0.3.3 2011-09-15T15:14PDT

  - added FeedFu guide
  - UrlLengthen reactor handles urls
  - additional doc tweaks

0.3.2 2011-09-23T23:29PDT

  - LocalMessageStore vacuums the database when doing cleanup
  - break out reactor conditions into a separate library
  - rework daily restart logic in monitor and reactor scripts
  - add username field to RSS feeds
  - some updates to the userdb for the user reactor
  - allow schema configs to be grouped in subdirectories
  - adjust default age colors in TimeLength library, solarized spectrum
  - added UrlLengthen reactor - expand shortened URLs
  - added a couple of diagrams and screenshots
  - update some tests to use Test::Routine
  - update Facebook scraper plugin to use HTML::Strip
  - ongoing refinements to tasks libraries and notification web interface

0.3.1 2011-09-10T00:01PDT

  - continuing doc updates
  - add more sample config files
  - continue building notifications web interface
  - refactored TimeLength get_age_color method
  - fix 'link' field on Twitter, SafariBookmarks, and CPAN monitors
  - WebFetch uses cache to keep track of last run time
  - add missing 'make_immutable' magic to Moose classes
  - prevent EmacsOrgMode test case from writing to live tasks database

0.3.0 2011-09-20T20:06PDT

  - Major changes: renamed Wubot to App::Wubot
    - Wubot::TimeLength => Wubot::Util::TimeLength
    - Wubot::Tail => Wubot::Util::Tail
    - Wubot => App::Wubot

  - notes for updating:
    - update to 0.2.5 first, make sure everything merges clean before updating to 0.3.0

0.2.5 2011-09-16T16:40PDT

  - update changelog to use W3CDTF timestamp

  - more POD updates

0.2.004 Mon Sep  5, 2011 11:27 am

  - separate required prereqs from optional prereqs

  - POD updates

  - use TRIAL rather than '_' in release number

0.2_003 Sat Sep  3, 2011  7:23 pm

  - Cache role - allow plugins to override default expiration age

  - removed old Mojolicious::Lite wubot-webui and webui subdir
    - replaced by Mojolicious wubot-webui
    - tweaked docs

  - support for GROUP BY and LIMIT in Wubot::SQLite

  - continuing work on documentation
    - adding some more POD docs
    - converted some methods to be private
    - Test::Pod::Coverage is now passing

  - continuing to improve the notifications web ui

  - WebFetcher - failure getting content now returns  'failure fetching' message rather than die

  - update EmacsOrgModule plugin, rework Wubot::Util::Tasks
  - some new monitor prototypes
    - safari bookmarks on OS X
    - locally installed modules with newer version available on CPAN
    - facebook wall scraper - minor improvements

0.2_002 Sun Aug 28, 2011  3:58 pm

  - use Wubot::Logger across all test cases and libs
    - prevent log files from being created for test cases

  - added/tweaked a number of POD docs

  - rework wubot web ui to use Mojolicious instead of Mojolicious::Lite
    - remove code from wubot-web and move into Wubot::Web::*
    - move Wubot::Web routes to external config file
    - move graph links into web config file
    - multiple improvements to notifications web ui

  - rework EmacsOrgMode and Wubot::Util::Tasks
    - sqlite sync done in EmacsOrgMode plugin rather than in reactor
    - replace deadline and scheduled fields with deadline_utime and scheduled_utime
    - add age coloring to task webui

  - added a few prototypes for new plugins, not quite ready to go yet
    - facebook wall scraper - monitor a facebook wall without logging into facebook
    - active application in OS X

  - userdb reactor - read user properties from user config files
    - a work in progress

  - resolve a bug in the Pulse reactor where the pulses for some minutes could be missed

  - Wubot::SQLite - remove tablename validation, breaks if using a 'join' with SQL::Abstract

  - IRC plugin - remove '#' character from channel

  - adding 'coalesce' to some plugins for growl notifications and notifications web ui

0.2_001 Sun Aug 14, 2011  2:50 pm

  - more work on documentation

  - added logging message to WebFetch reactor

0.1_9 Sun Aug 14, 2011  1:27 pm

  - move all web ui related files into 'webui' directory
    - to start wubot-webui, first set into the 'webui' directory

  - tweaking pod docs and adding some additional docs

  - install wubot scripts

0.1_8 Sun Aug 14, 2011 12:11 pm

  - added some additonal documentation

  - multiple fixes to the guide docs

0.1_7 Sun Aug 14, 2011  2:54 am

  - changing license back to BSD after seeing some issues on CPAN

0.1_6 Sun Aug 14, 2011 12:37 am

  - update dist.ini to use 2-clause BSD license

  - adding more docs, convert some text docs to POD

0.1_5 Sat Aug 13, 2011  6:52 pm

  - XMPP plugin no longer forwards messages with noforward flag set

  - Command reactor - enable templating of commands with Text::Template

  - WebFetch reactor to fetch data from a URL

  - added a User reactor plugin to parse the username field
    - removed username field parsing from Icon field
    - use the User reactor before the Icon reactor

  - replace 'no_more_rules' with 'last_rule' field

  - HTMLStrip reactor plugin uses 'target_field' rather than 'newfield'

  - database will not override autoincrementing 'id' field with an id in a message

  - CaptureData reactor allows 'field' in config

  - SQLite reports path and stack trace on failure to connect to file

  - lots of updates to prototype notifications web ui, color tweaks

  - added 'link' field to a few more plugins for the notification web ui

0.1_4 Sun Aug  7, 2011  1:07 pm

  - working on a new 'notifications' web ui
    - see the notifications.txt doc for more info

  - bug fix in utf-8 handling for XMPP messages

  - timelength
    - generate a color based on the message age
    - bug fix for messages over 1 year old

  - minor plugin improvements
    - Command reactor updates 'lastupdate' field on background task completion message
    - State reactor adds 'lastupdate' field to stale cache messages
    - Outlook plugin always sends inbox message count
      - only sets subject if message count is nonzero
    - Twitter - capture link into 'link' field

0.1_3 Fri Aug  5, 2011  7:17 pm

  - default schema config file changes
    - break out schemas into one file per table
      - all schemas now live in ~/wubot/schemas/
    - schema files automatically re-read on change without having to restart wubot

  - minor tweaks to new Pulse plugin

  - Wubot::SQLite caches db handles, no longer opens multiple handles to the same db

  - changed a few logging levels

  - added docs for more reactor plugins

0.1_2 Sun Jul 31, 2011  5:27 pm

  - added Pulse plugin
    - sends a message once per minute
    - useful for scheduled reactions

  - added docs for more reactor plugins

0.1_1 Sat Jul 30, 2011  5:19 pm

  - bumping release number to test release automation

  - use CPAN development version number

0.0.6 Sat Jul 30, 2011  5:11 pm

  - removed old MboxReader plugin, replaced by Mbox

  - running perl critic test again

0.0.5 Sat Jul 30, 2011  3:28 pm

  - logging adjustments
    - capture some stdout and log through Log::Log4perl
    - default logging level lowered to WARN
      - use '-verbose' or '$ENV{LOG_VERBOSE}' to return logging level to INFO
    - add '-debug' and '-trace' command line options
    - disable colorized logging in test cases
    - capture stdout/stderr in all test cases

0.0_4 Sat Jul 30, 2011  1:13 pm

  - significant changes since 0.0.3, see git commit logs
    - reminder, this is still an early development release

0.0.3 Wed Jun 29, 2011  1:20 am

  - Added a prototype Twitter plugin with OAuth 

  - WebMatches support for compression, thanks to Erik Meade

  - SerialPort failure to find serial port device on startup is non-fatal

  - resolve bug in Wubot::SQLite::select() method, introduced in 0.0.2

  - wubot-monitor - clean out seen messages from reactor queue

0.0.2 Mon Jun 27, 2011 10:50 pm

  - updating dist-zilla config

0.0.1  Mon Jun 27, 2011 10:50 pm

  - first tagged release

  - all enabled test cases now passing