v0.1.5 20140226

      *   Trying to test minimally implemented File::AptFetch::Simple.

      *   Attempt to fix got-''-expected-'{{{TERM}}}' build errors
          (guesswork).  Attempt to fix got-'1'-expected-'' build errors
          (probably, in vein).  Attempt to fix unexpected locale
          settings build errors.

  v0.1.4 20140209
      F::AF::S pre-release.

      *   *$ConfigData{apt_source}* parser has been rewriten: accepting
          new config entries, more strictures.

      *   Incompatible change! Message parser has been rewritten: long
          promised changing hyphens to underscores, more strictures.

      *   Pipe reader has been rewritten: runs on select(2), eval has
          been dropped; side effect -- all possible messages are read at
          once (not one-by-one, as before).  Probable regression (may be
          there's none): what if a message is that big that it doesn't
          fit in buffer?

      *   TS has been reloaded.  Ridiculous "INIT { use_ok }" has been
          dropped from t/0.t.

      *   Attempt to declare legal stuff correctly without dependecies
          boosting.  (v0.1.5 -- nope.)

  v0.0.9 20101205
      Mostly cosmetic change (one underscore added in
      _cache_configuration parsing re) in order to work with APT of

      *   Requiring perl of v.5.8.0 at minimum.

      *   Playing with POD in diags has been plain stupid.

      *   Misguided attempt to survive the die of "Interrupted system
          call" (btw, TS only, F::AF is still affected).

      *   Misguided attempt to fix missing log of signaling tests.

      *   Adding simplest test-unit that's run first and BAIL_OUTs for
          any reason.

  v0.0.8 20101125
      Panic release -- methods have no will to report any progress.

      *   *$ConfigData{timeout}* has been invented.  Default timeout was
          bumped 12x times in order to recover from too silent

      *   Hopefully fixing part of FAILs of cpan-testers.

  v0.0.7 20090511

      *   First release.

  v0.0.0 20090222

      *   Initialization.