Revision history for Perl extension HTML::DWT.

2.08  Thu Mar  23 12:53:15 2002
	- Bugfix: fixed Regex in Library includes; library files now parsed
	- Functionality additions:
		- added path option to new()
		- added xml option to new()
	- update to test suite
	- update to POD documentation

2.07  Tue Mar  05 22:23:55 2002
	- Functionality additions:
    	- added associate functionality to new(); HTML::DWT object
		  will accept an associated object with a param() method
		  (i.e. CGI, or HTML::Template object) and will associate
		  parameter values from that object with the template.
		- added case_sensitive option, to allow for case sensitive
		  matching of template field names.
		- added no_includes option, and ability for module to 
		  recognize and parse Library item include statements as
		  written by Dreamweaver.
		- added clear_params() method
		- added export() method for XML export
		- added print_to option to output()
	- added basic test suite to distribution
	- included requirements for Carp and Test::More to Makefile.PL
	- update to POD documentation
2.06  Fri Mar  01 20:42:22 2002
	- Bugfix: added Use Carp to support carp() warnings
	- Functionality additions:
		- added query(); this implements the same method inter-
		  face as HTML::Template's query() method.
		- completed param() functionality to bring it in line
		  with HTML::Template's param() method
		- moved actual field replacement regex to output() where
		  it makes more sense.  Made fill() call param() and then
		- param() now accepts 'doctitle' fields without <title> tags;
		  it will DTRT if <title> tags are required
	- Update to POD documentation

2.05  Thu Feb  28 17:59:55 2002
	- Major functionality changes:
		- added fill() to better support standard function
		  naming schemes
		- fillTemplate() calls fill() now
		- added parse(), and output() as well as :Template
		  option to support HTML::Template-style functionality
		- fill() dereferences it's hash and calls param()
		  (not sure if that's efficient, but looks cleaner to me)
	- Update to POD documentation

2.04  Tue Feb  12 12:10:55 2002
	- Minor bugfixes

2.03.02  Tue Feb  12 10:12:30 2002
	- Added POD documentation
	- changed toplevel namespace (to get added to CPAN)

2.03.01  Mon Feb  4 16:56:43 2002
	- Release version packaged (minor bugs fixed)