Revision history for TAP-Harness-Archive

0.14    27 Jul, 2009
    + Added file_attributes hash to the META.yml file of the archive [Justin DeVuyst]
    + Added traditional Makefile.PL generation [M. Peters]

0.13    11 Mar, 2009
    + explicitly use 'TAP::Parser::Aggregator' instead of relying on TAP::Archive to do it for us [M. Peters]
    + Allow archive to be a directory in which case we just dump stuff in to it. [Andy Armstrong, Steffen Schwigon, M. Peters]

0.12    21 Jul, 2008
    + Re-fixing RT#37795 on Windows [Tim Heckman]

0.11    19 Jul, 2008
    + Fixing RT#37795. This should fix failing tests on windows. [Tim Heckman]
    + Only run t/pod.t and t/pod-coverage.t if RELEASE_TESTING is set. [M. Peters]

0.10    04 Jul, 2008
    + Added full path as extra argument to made_parser_callback [M. Peters]
    + Added extra_files argument to new() [M. Peters]
    + Added extra_properties argument to new() [M. Peters]
    + Fixed RT# 35649 [M. Peters]

0.03    15 Dec, 2007
    + Removed Archive::Builder and Archive::Extract as dependencies because they
      have soooo many other dependencies. Just using Archive::Tar instead [M. Peters]
    + Removed support for ZIP files (due to removing Archive::Extract). If this
      is needed we can always use Archive::Zip. [M. Peters]

0.01    20 Aug, 2007
    + First version, released on an unsuspecting world. [M. Peters]