Revision history for Perl extension Verilog::Language.

The contributors that suggested a given feature are shown in [].  [by ...]
indicates the contributor was also the author of the fix; Thanks!

* Verilog::Language 2.340 2006/01/16

***     Added vpm --minimum switch.

****	Added Verilog::Language::language_standard to allow setting
	which language standard (1995,2001,SystemVerilog) is used for keywords.

****	Fix vhier -o option. [Sean Nazareth]

****	Add vhier --modules and --missing-modules options. [Sean Nazareth]

* Verilog::Language 2.331 2005/10/05

***     Added vhier example program. [Vasu Arasanipalai]

* Verilog::Language 2.330 2005/09/06

***	vpm now aliases $error to $uerror, etc, to avoid conflict
	with SystemVerilog $error function.  [Tad Truex]

***	$uassert_info now uses __message_on. [Vasu Arasanipalai]

****	Fix preprocessor substitution of quoted parameterized defines.

* Verilog::Language 2.321 2005/08/03

***	Verilog::SigParser now sees cells inside generates.  [by Thomas Ziller]

* Verilog::Language 2.320 2005/07/27

***     Add vrename --cryptall option.

***     Fix Language is_keywords to match V2K language spec. [Mark Grossman]
	Deleted extern, makefile, supply.  Added ifnone, strength, unsigned.

****	Fix core dump when missing newline in `define.  [David van der bokke]

* Verilog::Language 2.316 2005/06/10

****	Fix define substitution with incomplete defines.  [by Ronald Dean Smith]

****	Fix C++ Comments causing Perl compile problems. [Merijn Brand]

* Verilog::Language 2.315 2005/03/16

****	Support for latest SystemC::Netlist version.

* Verilog::Language 2.314 2005/03/14

****	Support for latest SystemC::Netlist version.

* Verilog::Language 2.313 2005/03/01

***	Vrename no longer recurses into CVS or .svn directories.

***	Add specparam keyword. [Mark Grossman]

****	Add NC-Verilog, and Verilog::Parser tests.

* Verilog::Language 2.312 2005/02/04

***	Fix ignoring lines with same line number as end of last include.

* Verilog::Language 2.311 2005/01/27

***	Support parsing of signed numbers.  [Rudi Rughoonundon]

**** 	Fix resolve_filename misfinding directories. [John Tseng]

****    Fix Verilog::Getopt::get_parameters for NC-Verilog.

* Verilog::Language 2.310 2005/01/24

**	NEWS is now renamed Changes, to support CPAN indexing. [Offer Kaye]

**	Support Verilog 2001 ansi-style port declarations. [Rudi Rughoonundon]

**	Pins, nets, ports, and cells accessor methods now return lists
	rather then internal hash references.  This matches earlier
	documentation, and behavior of the pins_sorted, etc functions.

***	SigParser::module callback no longer gets list of ports, instead
	SigParser::port is called back on each port.

***	Add Verilog::GetOpt GCC -U<define> switch for undefining.

****	Support SUSE Linux and OS-X. [Jose Renau] 

* Verilog::Language 2.303 2004/11/18

***	Add vpm --nopli for stripping $pli calls. [Mike Lopresti]

* Verilog::Language 2.302 2004/11/10

****	Support Verilog 2001 named instantiation parameters. [Thomas Ziller]

* Verilog::Language 2.301 2004/10/26

****	Fix pod documentation errors. [Offer Kaye]

* Verilog::Language 2.300 2004/04/01

**	Added vppp preprocessor command.

**	Preprocessor is now Verilog 2001 and SystemVerilog 3.1 compliant.
	Adds arguments to defines, and `include <> syntax.

**	Added SystemVerilog 3.1 keywords to Verilog::Language

**	Added vrename --keywords and recursion on directory arguments.

***	Added to SigParser::module callback "$in_celldefine" 4th argument.
	Netlist::File sets $module->is_libcell() either if the file is a
	library or the module is within "`celldefine ... `endcelldefine".

***	Added to Verilog::Netlist (metacomment=>{ firstWord=>val, ... })
	argument.  For each comment that begins with at least two words,
	Verilog::SigParser calls back attribute() if the first word has a
	true value in %metacomment.

***	Module::attrs_sorted() now returns a list of "category name[ =]..."
	strings from metacomments between "module" and the first declaration.

****	(Verilog::Preproc receives the list of metacomment keywords but
	does not yet filter the comments for speed.)

****	Fixed ` substitution inside define value strings.

* Verilog::Language 2.232 3/10/2004

***	Fix newline insertion in vpm $info messages.

* Verilog::Language 2.231 1/27/2004

****	Documentation fixes.

* Verilog::Language 2.230 10/02/2003

**	Vpm has been changed to use Verilog standard flags.
	Vpm will no longer recurse all directories, instead it now accepts
	+incdir+, -v or -f flags as would a regular simulator, and
	preprocesses all files found.

**	Added Netlist::verilog_text for writing netlists. [Phillip Prentice]

***	Added Cell/Port/Pin::delete methods for editing netlists.

***	Added Netlist::top_modules_sorted method.

***	In Netlist, read in library files if cell not found. [John Potter]

***	Fix SigParser dropping 1'b0/1'b1 pins. [John Potter]

***	In vpm, support $error({"concatenate ","string"}); [Ray Strouble]

****	In vpm, fix comments and line numbering in asserts. [Ray Strouble]

****	Fix detection of wire assignments. [David Duxstad]

* Verilog::Language 2.226 8/19/2003

****	GCC 3.3 fixes

* Verilog::Language 2.225 8/12/2003

***	Have Getopt::parameter return unknown arguments from
	inside -f files.  [David Duxstad]

***	Change assert_amone/onehot to use faster equation
	in place of case statement. [Greg Waters]

****	Add tri/tri0/tri1 as wire declarative terms. [David Duxstad]

****	Redhat 9 and GCC 3.2.2 fixes

* Verilog::Language 2.224 5/20/2003

**	Add order based pin/cell connections.  [by David Duxstad]

* Verilog::Language 2.222 3/6/2003

****	Support instantiations with multiple cell names. [Bruce Nepple]

****	Support uppercase radix letters.  [Wilson Li]

* Verilog::Language 2.221 3/4/2003

****	Fix missing example.cpp file

* Verilog::Language 2.220 2/6/2003

***	Support primitives as if they were modules.  [Bruce Nepple]

***	The link_read_nonfatal=>1 netlist option will prevent missing
	modules from being errors during link.  [Bruce Nepple]

***	Add Verilog::Parser support for `protected. [Scott Bleiweiss]

****	Update documentation & Netlist example.  [Bruce Nepple]

* Verilog::Language 2.220 12/27/2002

****	Solaris perl 5.005_03 LD error fixed.  [Mark Moe]
	Solaris note about FILE_OFFSET_BITS.  [Simon Curry]

****	GCC 3.2 use std compile errors fixed. [Eugene Weber]

* Verilog::Language 2.214 10/21/2002

***	Pickup input msb & lsb's.  [Joel Earl]

****	Fix inclusion of x's in $assert_onehot for verilator. [Ray Strouble]

* Verilog::Language 2.213 9/5/2002

****	Support Cygwin (Windows) installations.  [Richard Dje]

* Verilog::Language 2.212 8/30/2002

***	Fix pin concatenations to not create false pins. [Kenneth Jiang]
	Concatenations are now just ignored; there is still no way to track
	pin interconnects where different bus bits end up interconnected

* Verilog::Language 2.211 8/19/2002

***	If Verilog::Getopt list accessors are passed a reference,
	set the entire list to the reference, rather then adding a element.

* Verilog::Language 2.210 8/8/2002

****	Cleanups to support GNU Bison 1.35

****	Minor changes for SystemC support  

* Verilog::Language 2.200 5/3/2002

***	Many fixes to vrename --crypt, including fixing `timescale,
	comments, and replacement of strings.  [Greg Davis]

****	Fixed vpm $asserts dropping extra newlines. [Greg Waters]

****	Fixed `define substitution bug.

* Verilog::Language 2.100 3/11/2002 

**	Installation now requires GCC/G++ and Flex.

**	Added Verilog::Preproc, a Verilog 2001 Preprocessor.
	Verilog::Netlist now uses this preprocessor by default.

****	Fixed bug with vrename --crypt not working.  [Greg Davis]

****	Fixed bug with vrename and \ quoted signals.  [Greg Davis]

* Verilog::Language 2.010 11/16/2001

***	Added netlist interconnectivity checks.

* Verilog::Language 2.000 9/17/2001

**	Added the Verilog::Netlist package.
	This allows for simple scripts to extract pins, module
	hiearchy, etc from interconnected Verilog files.

***	Added Parser reset() method for clearing parse states
	for new files.  [Joe Panec]

* Verilog::Language 1.15 10/25/2001

**	Added $assert_req_ack for checking simple handshakes.

**	Added --nostop, and made --stop be the default.
	This adds a $stop to $warn and $error, which is easier
	for new users to understand as no pli.v is required.

* Verilog::Language 1.14 9/17/2001

***	Fixed bug when endmodule/endtask/endfunction have
	no trailing ;.  [Darren Jones]

***	Added Verilog 2001 keywords to Verilog::Language.

* Verilog::Language 1.13 5/17/2001

***	Added Verilog::Getopt::get_parameter() function.

***	Added Verilog::Getopt::file_abs() function.

***	Added missing keywords to Verilog::Language:
	deassign disable extern highz0 highz1 large medium pull0
	pull1 release scalared small strong0 strong1 weak0 weak1

* Verilog::Language 1.12 5/15/2001

**	Added new Verilog::Getopt, for standard option parsing.

* Verilog::Language 1.11 3/31/2001

***	Fixed \net### hang in Parser.  [Mark Lakata]

* Verilog::Language 1.10 3/15/2001

***	Fixed line number being incorrect in Parser.  [Alan Heinold]

* Verilog::Language 1.9 2/13/2001

**	Added Verilog::Language::is_compdirect.  [Darren Jones]

* Verilog::Language 1.7 11/02/2000

**	Added parametric module support to  [Darren Jones]

****	Fixed bug where // comments with no following text broke.
	[Darren Jones]

* Verilog::Language 1.6 9/07/2000

**	Added the vpm preprocessor

****	Fixed bug where missing end-quote would hang Verilog::Parser

* Verilog::Language 1.5 5/22/2000

**	Allowed non-numerics in bus subscripts

***	Fixed bug where lines with just a newline would boggle the linecount.

* Verilog::Language 1.4 1/21/2000

**** added
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