0.902_01	2019-07-11	T. R. Wyant
    Fix broken POD links and add test to ensure they stay fixed.

    Add -idempotent to tools/make-regression

    clone() was not cloning the DateTime object
    Also tightened up STORABLE_thaw(), and added clone() tests to

0.902		2017-04-22	T. R. Wyant
    Bump requirement for Params::ValidationCompiler. DateTime needs
    0.13, but we need 0.19 for some reason. Also made explicit
    requirement for Specio::* the same as for Specio (0.180), which is
    the same as DateTime.

0.901		2017-04-06	T. R. Wyant
    Fix Specio wierdness under Perl 5.8.9. I hope.

    Use local rather than UTC Rata Die in date calculations. The
    consequence of using UTC Rata Die was that that strftime() produced
    universal dates but local times.

    Bring dependencies up to date.

    Add date and duration arithmetic. This leaves format_cldr() as the
    only known part of the DateTime interface not implemented.

0.900		2017-03-16	T. R. Wyant
    Conform to the full DateTime interface, with the known exceptions of
    date and duration arithmetic and format_cldr().

    Add instantiator now_local(), which is a convenience method based on
    the data returned by the localtime() built-in. It differs from now()
    in that the zone is floating, not UTC,

    Add argument validation via Params::Validate.

    Use Date::Tolkien::Shire::Data as back end.

0.22		2017-02-15	T. R. Wyant
    Add tools/ directory. At the moment this contains:
    - A copy of DateTime::Fiction::JRRTolkien::Shire version 0.02 (the
      last release by Tom Braun), with deliberate changes back-ported.
      These changes consist of corrections to the on_date() text, plus a
      change to the week_number() method to return 0 rather than 26 on
      Midyear's day and the Overlithe.
    - Script tools/make-regression to read all accessors for a range of
      values and turn the output into a regression test.

    Fix regressions from Tom Braun's code:
    - The month_name(), day_name(), holiday_name(), and trad_day_name()
      methods were returning undef, not '', in cases where no name could
      be derived. This was broken in version 0.21.
    - The week_number() method was broken while making it return 0 for
      Midyear's day and the Overlithe in version 0.21.

    Add xt/author/regression.t (made from tools/make-regression) to make
    sure this stuff stays fixed.

0.21		2017-02-06	T. R. Wyant
    Make week_number() return 0 for Midyear's day and the Overlithe.

    Regularize POD.

    Minor corrections to on_date() text.

    Add time zone accessors time_zone(), time_zone_long_name(), and

    Clean up comments and code (mainly line length, and strip trailing

    Pull static data out of subroutines.

    Add author tests.

    Bring code up to my usual level of  Perl::Critic compliance.

    Merge branch 'manwar-add-abstract-to-pod'.  This pull request added
    the one-line abstract that is supposed to appear on the NAME line of
    the POD. Thanks to Mohammad S Anwar for the patch.

    Add method calendar_name() (returns 'Shire')

    Replace die() with Carp::croak().

    Ditch 'use vars'. Add 'use warnings'.

0.20		2017-01-25	T. R. Wyant
    Replace LICENSE file with LICENSES/ dir. The new directory contains
    the licenses as individual files.

    Synch on_date() text with Date::Tolkien::Shire

    Add 'provides' metadata to EUMM output. This happens only if
    Module::Metadata is installed.

    Update README

    Update author and copyright

    Require Perl 5.8.4 (because DateTime does).

    Correct POD.

    Get metadata up to snuff.

    Make Changes file comply with CPAN::Changes::Spec

0.02			2003-12-07	Tom Braun
    Doc fix.

0.01			2003-12-07	Tom Braun
    First release.  Based on Date::Tolkien::Shire 1.12.