0.016		T. R. Wyant	05-Jan-2011
  The PPIx::Regexp::Token::Code perl_version_introduced() method now
    returns the minimum Perl version (currently set to 5.000) if it is
    used to represent the substitution portion of s///e.
  Update copyright to 2011.

0.015		T. R. Wyant	25-Oct-2010
  Documented intent to revoke support for features introduced in a
    development Perl which do not make it to a production release. This
    is necessary because in this case the syntax could be reused with
    different semantics.
  Added support for Perl 5.13.6 (?^...) construction.
  Added support for Perl 5.13.6 d, l, and u modifiers.
  Fixed inconsistency in perl_version_introduced() results between
    PPIx::Regexp::Token::Modifier and
  Corrected PPIx::Regexp::Constant RE_CAPTURE_NAME docs, somehow missed
    back at 0.010_01.

0.014		T. R. Wyant	14-Oct-2010
  Recognize \o{...} as a PPIx::Regexp::Token::Literal, with
    perl_version_introduced() of 5.0013003.
  Terminate \0.. through \7.. after three characters, as Perl does.
    These two were brought to my attention by Brian D.  Foy's "The
    Effective Perler" for October 11 2010,
  Correct the PPIx::Regexp::Token::Literal ordinal() method for '\b'. As
    a literal, this is a back space.

0.013		T. R. Wyant	10-Oct-2010
  Declare a parse failure if characters are found between the '}' and
    the ')' of (?{...}) and (??{...}), and rebless the tokens to
    ::Unknown. Perl does not accept anything here, so I think I should
    not either.
  Whitespace tweak in the PPIx::Regexp::Dumper test output for the
    failures test.
  Replace the PPI logic in PPIx::Regexp::Token::Code with a call to
    $tokenizer->find_matching_delimiter(). This is actually the way Perl
    works, as a look at toke.c and regcomp.c makes clear.
  Push the perl_version_introduced() back to 5.0 at the request of
    Alexandr Ciornii, for the potential benefit of Perl::MinimumVersion.
    This was done mostly by reading the various perlre, perldelta, and
    perlop documents, so these should be taken with a HUGE grain of

0.012		T. R. Wyant	26-Sep-2010
  Track all the features reported as introduced (or removed) in Perl
    5.010 back to Perl 5.009005, and report them as such.
  Report modifier /r as having been introduced in Perl 5.013002, rather
    than the default of 5.006.

0.011		T. R. Wyant	16-Sep-2010
  No changes from 0.010_01.

0.010_01	T. R. Wyant	11-Sep-2010
  Remove dependencies on Params::Util and Readonly. The latter was
    requested by ADAMK for the benefit of Padre. It involved changing
    the symbols exported from PPIx::Regexp::Constant, but these were
    documented as private, so ...
  Parse POSIX character classes [=a=] and [.a.] as
    PPIx::Regexp::Token::CharClass::POSIX::Unknown, which counts as a
    parse failure since these are not supported by Perl.
  Make the PPI::Document created by PPIx::Regexp::Token::Code->ppi() be
    read only. This means we need PPI 1.116. Cache the document, and
    ensure the cached result is returned on subsequent calls.

0.010		T. R. Wyant	06-Aug-2010
  Fix fatal error in PPIx::Regexp::Token::Code->ppi().
  Move author tests from xt/ to xt/author/.

0.009		T. R. Wyant	03-Aug-2010
  Recognize s/.../.../ee as being different from s/.../.../e. In
    particular, the replacement portion of the former is _not_ a Perl
    expression: it's an interpolatble string, which later gets

0.008		T. R. Wyant	01-Jul-2010
  Promote methods can_be_quantified() and is_quantifier() from
    PPIx::Regexp::Token to PPIx::Regexp::Element, so all classes inherit
    them. They still return true and false respectively.
  Override can_be_quantified() to return false on PPIx::Regexp,
    PPIx::Regexp::Structure::Regexp, and
  Override is_quantifier() to return true on
  Modify PPIx::Regexp::Dumper to be able to display can_be_quantified
    and is_quantifier for PPIx::Regexp::Node objects when dumping
  Convert internal data to Readonly in PPIx::Regexp::Lexer,
    PPIx::Regexp::Token::Structure, and PPIx::Regexp::Tokenizer.
  Remove leftover boilerplate in PPIx::Regexp::Token::CharClass::Simple.

0.007_01	T. R. Wyant	28-Jun-2010
  Explicitly require a minimum Perl of 5.006.
  Centralized dependencies in inc/PPIx/Regexp/Meta.pm.
  Removed claim that PPIx::Regexp is alpha code. Docs still say that the
    interface can be changed, but now it will go through a deprecation

0.007		T. R. Wyant	28-Apr-2010
  PPIx::Regexp::Lexer no longer fails when encountering expressions like
    m{)}. Instead, it marks the right parenthesis as an unmatched

0.006_01	T. R. Wyant	23-Apr-2010
  Fixed RT 56864 - PPIx::Regexp::Lexer fails in Perl::Critic under Perl
    5.13.0. This was due to the value of a returned $+[0] getting
    transmogrified before the caller saw it. I never did isolate what
    triggered the bug.
  You can now get a tokenizer trace by setting environment value
    PPIX_REGEXP_TOKENIZER_TRACE to a non-zero numeric value. This is
    unsupported, though.

0.006	T. R. Wyant	26-Feb-2010
  Update copyright from 2009 to 2009-2010.
  Parse \N{...} in accordance with perl5115delta. The curlys must
    contain an alpha followed by alphanumerics, spaces, parens, colons,
    or dashes. \N{ without a matching } is a character class (if legal)
    followed by a literal '{'.
  Parse \N inside a character class as PPI::Regexp::Token::Unknown,
    since Perl 5.11.5 considers this a compile error. A \N{...} inside a
    character class is still OK.
  Add method match() to PPIx::Regexp::Tokenizer. This is analogous to
    capture(), but returns the entire matched string.

0.005	T. R. Wyant	26-Dec-2009
  Recognize \N (without curlys), back-ported from Perl 6 into 5.11.
  Recognize unicode characters as \N{[[:alpha:]] ... rather than
    \N{[\w\s:] ... This is per the 5.11 documentation, but I think Perl
    always worked this way.
  Recognize loose matching of Unicode character classes, and allow '='
    in lieu of a single ':' in a Unicode character class (this from Perl
  PPIx::Regexp::Dumper now produces the proper output when called with
    perl_version => 1, test => 1.
  Describe the typical content of the object in the documentation for
    PPIx::Regexp::Structure::NamedCapture and

0.004	T. R. Wyant	09-Nov-2009
  Have PPIx::Regexp::Token::Literal correctly recognize when
    charnames::vianame() is unavailable, and decouple this from the
    handling of \N{U+hhhh}.
  Add dependency on Task::Weaken, since depending on Scalar::Util
    appears not to cut it.
  Correct the assignment of the license type in Makefile.PL.

0.003	T. R. Wyant	05-Nov-2009
  Have PPIx::Regexp::Token::Literal recognize \N{U+hhhh} (where hhhh
    represents hex digits), and provide its ordinal (hhhh). Remove
    recognition of \N. (. = any character), which Perl does not do.
  Fix $re->flush_cache() so that it actually removes $re and only
    $re from the cache.
  Add delimiters() method to PPIx::Regexp::Main and PPIx::Regexp.
    Support this in eg/prenav.
  Increase test coverage and remove dead code.
  Count tests in t/parse.t and t/unit.t

0.002	28-Oct-2009	T. R. Wyant
  In verbose mode, have PPIx::Regexp::Dumper dump the absolute capture
    number referred to by a numbered reference.
  Have eg/preslurp pass its -verbose option to PPIx::Regexp::Dumper
  Don't use Test::More::isa_ok for the t/basic.t class heritage tests,
    since some versions of Test::More require a reference for the first
    argument of isa_ok().

0.001	21-Oct-2009	T. R. Wyant
  Initial release.