Version 0.9.19

    * When reading a directory, do not process detached inodes

Version 0.9.18

    * Fix spurious tar file header emitted for unreadable files.
    * Add 'ignore_inaccessible' option to tar() method.
    * Add ReducedPrivileges filesystem.
    * Add 'recursion_mode' option to find() method.
    * Fix handling of 'detached' inodes in Real directories.
    * Fix handling of inodes named '0'
    * Make alias() copy symlinks instead of the symlink targets.

Version 0.9.17

    * Revert _write_file() refactor until further investigation is complete

Version 0.9.16

    * Finally get around to adding this lovely Changes file

    * Refactor tar _write_file() method
      Refactor Filesys::POSIX::Userland::Tar->_write_file() method to ensure
      the amount of data written for a file is indeed the amount committed to
      in the archive member's header; if a file is shorter than indicated, then
      sufficient padding is provided to compensate; and if a file grows longer
      than promised, then the file output is truncated, and a warning is
      emitted indicating as such.

Version 0.9.15

    * Rename t/lib-Filesys-POSIX-Userland-Tar_race2.t to t/tar-race.t

    * Update MANIFEST to add t/tar-race.t

    * Update MANIFEST to add missing t/mount.t

    * Remove useless shebang from t/false-filename.t

    * Don't use Exporter in lib/Filesys/

    * Replace mkdtemp() with File::Temp::tempdir()
      Fix OpenBSD CPANTS errors by replacing mkdtemp() with

    * Replace qw// with qw()

    * Fix CPANTS test failures
        Modify Filesys::POSIX::Userland::Tar's $fs->tar() method option
        'ignore_missing' to test $! for ENOENT rather than checking $@,
        which can get localized to something other than what we used to
        Modify Filesys::POSIX::Userland::Tar's $fs->tar() to use a blocking
        factor of 20 * 512 bytes; pad end of stream to prevent failure
        untarring on BSD tar
        Modify t/rename.t to be slightly less anal about expected output
        from tar, to accommodate for slight differences in formatted
        output between GNU tar and BSD tar
        Modify t/tar-missing.t to use Test::Filesys::POSIX::Error function
        Modify Test::Filesys::POSIX::Error to use Try::Tiny, rather than
        plain block eval(), which causes issues with Perl <=5.12
        Modify Test::Filesys::POSIX::Error to build a default number=>name
        cache populated with number=>number, in case of an incompatible
        Errno module

    * Implement pax header support for tar implementation
      Teach the tar implementation how to deal with long filenames and
      symlinks by using pax extended headers.  Add unit tests to ensure the
      header length computation is correct.

    * Remove $fs->import_module() mechanism
      Modules previously declared as mixins in the Filesys::POSIX namespace
      can declare themselves in their own namespace, but can selectively
      export their methods into Filesys::POSIX; this has the side effect of
      making POD for mixin modules render correctly on Meta::CPAN
      Extension modules can be loaded by simply using 'use Some::Module';
      their benefits can be used by any Filesys::POSIX object immediately

    * Refactor to use Errno for error reporting
      Implement Filesys::POSIX::Error with throw() function to simplify
      throwing of errors by number; sets $! to a specified value, and
      throws a stringified $! with Carp::confess()
      Implement Test::Filesys::POSIX::Error with throws_errno_ok() to
      simplify refactor of unit tests to enforce new interface contract
      Change a few errors thrown to an errno.h value which better matches
      the behavior of a real Unix environment
      Update POD to reflect exceptions thrown by their errno.h macro name
      Update copyright on all files to 2014

    * Update Makefile.PL
      Add GitHub info to Makefile.PL
      Update authorship to reflect PAUSE account email address
      Update copyright in Makefile.PL
      Add .perltidyrc to repository, MANIFEST

    * Replace README with
    * Update synopsis of Filesys::POSIX::Real
      Update synopsis, usage and exceptions indicated in the POD for the module
      Filesys::POSIX::Real to accurately reflect current usage

    * Replace failing t/tar-race.t with t/tar-missing.t
      Rather than fork()ing a subprocess to perform the archiving, archive
      to a file handle opened for /dev/null
      Use map() to bring a file in from the real filesystem into a fake one,
      and remove the referred file from $fs immediately prior to tar() to
      ensure desired condition is triggered deterministically

Version 0.9.14
    * Avoid archiving nonregular files and sockets
      Implement $inode->sock() convenience function to quickly ascertain
      whether an inode references a socket
      Make Filesys::POSIX::Userland::Tar->tar() avoid attempting to
      archive sockets at all
      Avoid opening files for archival if they are non-regular files, or
      are regular files of zero byte size
      Localize usage of $@

    * Mass perltidy

    * Corrected error handling for later versions of Carp
      Carp changes resulted in the $! variable being lost, so it
      error details would not be reported; this caused test failures on some
      systems. Fixed by copying the $! variable before passing it to confess
      using stringification, i.e. "$!".

Version 0.9.13

    * Add correct handling of real filesystem renames
      The rename method in Filesys::POSIX was a generic manipulation of the
      data structure without considering any additional change that might need
      to be made on the backend storage (in particular,
      This caused the object to be aware that new member had been
      added, but to also remain conscious of the old member, which
      still had a presence on disk and therefore was visible through
      This change moves some of the generic rename handling logic from
      Filesys::POSIX::rename into Filesys::POSIX::Directory::rename_member
      and adds a Real-specific rename_member method to the
      Filesys::POSIX::Real::Directory class, allowing it to handle its
      own special case (use the actual rename function).
    * Further conversion to Filesys::POSIX::Bits::System
      Replaced an existing (and incomplete) bit conversion function with the
      one provided by Filesys::POSIX::Bits::System to reduce code duplication.

Version 0.9.12

    * Improve EOF detection when reading files for inclusion in tar
Version 0.9.11

    * Avoid creating archives with mismatched file sizes