Revision history for Business-CyberSource

v0.2.6    2011-09-09
	- no real changes, simply removing trial status

v0.2.5    2011-09-09
	- more docs
	- Swap out most of the request type response roles for more generic roles

v0.2.4    2011-09-08
	- more docs
	- more type tightening
	- remove Reject role, it was only providing something common to all
	- Add StandAloneCredit and FollowOnCredit convenience objects, mostly for
	  use with our factory

v0.2.3    2011-09-06
	- make ->ip a Net::Addr
	- more and improved documentation
	- tighten down other contraints

v0.2.2    2011-09-04
	- make code further DRY by reducing duplicated code

v0.2.1    2011-09-02
	- remove much repeated code

v0.2.0    2011-09-02
	- use XML::Compile::SOAP instead of SOAP::Lite

v0.1.10   2011-08-31
	- use more MooseX::Types
	- fix subtle missing use Business::CyberSource::Response

v0.1.9    2011-08-26
	- use MooseX::Types and Varchar to make attributes stricter and better
	  documented accross the board

v0.1.8    2011-08-26
	- use MooseX::Types::CreditCard
	  as this type is based on int the ->credit_card method will no longer
	  return strings with '-' or ' ' in them

v0.1.7     2011-08-25
	- add basic documentation for requests
	- disable method documentation generation
	- change how traits are applied on credit requests

v0.1.6    2011-08-24
	- provide reason_text attribute on responses

v0.1.5    2011-08-24
	- Document Business::CyberSource::Request

v0.1.4    2011-08-23
	- turn Business::CyberSource::Request into an abstract factory for request
	- production attribute no longer has a default, so it must always be
	- credit card expiration month/year most now be an integer

v0.1.3    2011-08-22
	- experimental CVN and DCC support

v0.1.2    2011-08-18
	- first implementation of follow-on credits

v0.1.1    2011-08-16
	- skip tests unless environment variables set

v0.1.0    2011-08-16
	- Initial release for testing comment and review