Revision history for Perl extension Data::Model

0.00008  2013-07-08 20:19:38 JST
           - same as the order of the Data::MessagePack serialization for Driver::Memcached serialize
           - fixed to perl 5.18 hash randomization bug
           - fixed CREATE TABLE bug for MySQL test

0.00007    2010-09-08T02:30:23+09:00
           - fixed Iterator::Empty test error (thanks to ytnobody for report)

0.00006    2010-03-08T18:52:06+09:00
           - added requires check to mysql auto reconnect test
           - dependend Test::Class 0.34
             because broken was 't/020_mock/cache-driver-memcached.t' in perl 5.10

0.00005    2010-01-12T21:36:59+09:00
           - Core
             add BIT type
             add get_model method for Data::Model::Row
             fixed validate tests broken using Params::Validate::PP
           - Driver::Memcached
             add ignore_undef_value option
           - Driver::Cache
             fixed bug, cache of defined value only
           - Queue::Q4M:
             add validation to 'no created queue table'

0.00004    2009-08-26T13:19:05+09:00
           - Iterator::Empty will be returned if get-method result is empty
           - Driver::DBI
             add reuse_dbh option
             add isnt_reconnect option for rw_handle, r_handle
             add on_duplicate_key_update support for mysql
             add pseudo bigint emulation for sqlite
           - Iterator
             add $itr->has_next
             add overloaded iteration

0.00003    2009-07-04T14:20:27+09:00
           - Driver::Memcached: add more KeyValueStorage friendly features.
             see L<Data::Model::Driver::Memcached> OPTIONS

0.00002    2009-06-18T13:55:21+09:00
           - add dependency Encode
           - Q4M: add queue_abort method

0.00001    2009-06-10T20:57:30+09:00
           - original version