v0.35.0 2019-07-12T12:08:10Z
 - menu component changed
 - grid view options overrides
 - get default route
 - ext router refactored
 - upload module refactored
 - websocket upload
 - telegram button
 - bind telegram bot id
 - telegram button centered
 - ext session and settings splitted
 - viewport clear interface fixed
 - telegram button rendering
 - telergam username renamed
 - signin by email
 - api permissions check updated
 - fields validators added
 - profile interface
 - ext operation toString added
 - api refactored
 - dialog mask fixed
 - masks
 - list paging plugin for grid
 - Pcore::Util -> Pcore::Lib

v0.34.0 2019-06-30T19:05:54Z
 - l10n updated
 - media class created
 - displayfiled bind overload
 - app api refactored
 - api methods validator fixed
 - menu item left padding
 - themes panel width
 - auth form
 - jshint temporary disabled
 - jshint fixes
 - lzy panel class
 - ext routing
 - lib prefix
 - lazy items
 - auth is_root removed

v0.33.3 2019-06-19T05:31:21Z
 - cdn upload call updated

v0.33.2 2019-06-19T04:36:07Z
 - filename added to file uplod progress

v0.33.1 2019-06-19T04:16:32Z
 - files upload classes

v0.33.0 2019-06-19T03:28:20Z
 - files upload classes

v0.32.0 2019-06-18T09:31:25Z
 - app resources method added

v0.31.7 2019-06-16T21:18:35Z
 - warn on rebuild app error

v0.31.6 2019-06-14T08:28:30Z
 - version string alignd right

v0.31.5 2019-06-14T08:25:31Z
 - theme init fixed

v0.31.4 2019-06-14T08:14:39Z
 - theme init fixed

v0.31.3 2019-06-14T07:01:28Z
 - theme init fixed

v0.31.2 2019-06-14T05:42:22Z
 - menu version updated

v0.31.1 2019-06-14T05:27:16Z
 - typo

v0.31.0 2019-06-14T05:17:04Z
 - overrides added
 - reload module via do
 - l10n updated
 - theme selector
 - dark mode sync
 - ext server verion in menu
 - sync locale name

v0.30.4 2019-06-09T15:20:36Z
 - js errors fixed

v0.30.3 2019-06-09T12:21:31Z
 - ext app reloader improved

v0.30.2 2019-06-05T16:57:49Z
 - menu show lacoles button

v0.30.1 2019-06-05T06:44:59Z
 - class util refactored

v0.30.0 2019-06-05T05:50:48Z
 - locales
 - refactored

v0.29.0 2019-06-04T20:05:42Z
 - perltidy
 - ext classic removed
 - ext_type removed
 - refactored
 - locales

v0.28.6 2019-05-31T16:41:24Z
 - api path changed

v0.28.5 2019-05-28T11:41:11Z
 - change password form

v0.28.4 2019-05-28T11:09:21Z
 - change password form

v0.28.3 2019-05-28T10:56:29Z
 - password recovery form

v0.28.2 2019-05-28T10:47:19Z
 - password recovery form

v0.28.1 2019-05-28T10:43:04Z
 - password recovery form

v0.28.0 2019-05-28T10:07:19Z
 - confirm-email route

v0.27.0 2019-05-28T05:22:10Z
 - modern forms
 - auth form

v0.26.3 2019-05-27T08:39:46Z
 - menu defaut handler

v0.26.2 2019-05-27T05:49:01Z
 - menu swipe removed

v0.26.1 2019-05-27T05:38:06Z
 - route mixin

v0.26.0 2019-05-27T05:09:45Z
 - route mixin

v0.25.0 2019-05-26T16:46:29Z
 - ext menu

v0.24.0 2019-05-25T12:00:48Z
 - grid summary

v0.23.0 2019-05-24T12:59:44Z
 - util lib added

v0.22.1 2019-05-23T09:40:27Z
 - die message clarified

v0.22.0 2019-03-29T09:19:25Z
 - .pot updated
 - $l10n tied hash

v0.21.1 2019-03-23T09:38:21Z
 - cordova app init

v0.21.0 2019-03-23T09:13:29Z
 - cordova app init

v0.20.1 2019-02-21T17:20:29Z
 - cordova template fixed

v0.20.0 2019-02-18T20:48:15Z
 - read app config
 - ext version parse
 - app ns detection improved
 - export ext vars as hash
 - l10n updated
 - cordova imdex tmpl added
 - cordova index tmpl added
 - app controller hook for external app in production mode
 - sort api methods
 - resources moved

v0.19.12 2019-02-10T21:58:06Z
 - viewport connection erro form

v0.19.11 2019-02-10T00:11:31Z
 - extjs 6.7.0

v0.19.10 2019-02-07T22:40:20Z
 - android keyboard floating dialogs

v0.19.9 2019-02-07T15:21:24Z
 - make forms scrollable
 - pdf typo
 - modern link added
 - link class fixed

v0.19.8 2019-02-06T08:18:31Z
 - android soft keyboard workarounds

v0.19.7 2019-02-04T06:44:17Z
 - pdf errors handling

v0.19.6 2019-02-03T10:51:16Z
 - refactored
 - pdf errors handling

v0.19.5 2019-01-26T10:16:35Z
 - refactored
 - pdf

v0.19.4 2019-01-25T10:44:41Z
 - pdf

v0.19.3 2019-01-25T07:39:57Z
 - refactored
 - pdf viewer

v0.19.2 2019-01-23T17:58:37Z
 - refactored

v0.19.1 2019-01-03T19:00:07Z
 - to_json return plain scalar
 - read_bin returns plain scalar

v0.19.0 2018-12-21T13:14:15Z
 - old lib removed
 - amcharts3 removed
 - amcharts
 - cdn refactored
 - ext warnings fixed
 - Pcore::CDN::Static
 - $EMPTY, $SPACE const added
 - app router refactored
 - env share refactored

v0.18.6 2018-11-11T14:20:00Z
 - cdn resources renamed
 - ENV refactored
 - Type::Tiny removed
 - code cleanup
 - src redesign

v0.18.5 2018-10-26T20:49:19Z
 - read dir refactored

v0.18.4 2018-10-17T03:25:26Z
 - reload classes
 - am* resources fixed
 - cdn integration

v0.18.3 2018-09-26T09:13:33Z
 - func without args

v0.18.2 2018-09-22T10:59:49Z
 - amcharts4

v0.18.1 2018-09-20T01:01:05Z
 - amcharts improved

v0.18.0 2018-09-09T19:06:16Z
 - strict refs removed
 - ext moved
 - cdn resources
 - cdn

v0.17.11 2018-07-10T06:14:10Z
 - code cleanup
 - perl-5.28

v0.17.10 2018-07-07T18:46:23Z
 - change-password route

v0.17.9 2018-07-07T09:10:35Z
 - make change password dialog closable

v0.17.8 2018-07-05T07:39:33Z
 - material theme config

v0.17.7 2018-07-05T07:22:34Z
 - app settings

v0.17.6 2018-07-05T06:29:32Z
 - set theme improved

v0.17.5 2018-07-04T19:26:45Z
 - props sorted

v0.17.4 2018-07-02T07:28:01Z
 - l10n plural form fixed

v0.17.3 2018-06-29T21:19:40Z
 - common dialogs moved to the lib
 - init args updated
 - errorTarget removed
 - l10n updated

v0.17.2 2018-06-27T17:19:04Z
 - material fashion updated
 - material theme
 - on signin callback
 - forgot password

v0.17.1 2018-06-25T21:17:50Z
 - viewport controller improvements
 - l10n domains removed

v0.17.0 2018-06-21T03:11:14Z
 - ext raw/func calls converted
 - Pcore::Ext::Context::Call removed
 - ext map scanner improved
 - syntax
 - l10n updated
 - l10n framework improved
 - ext loader
 - l10n overrides
 - overrides
 - app md5 fixed
 - prepare js improved
 - locale
 - do not generate class name for overrides
 - Ext.L10N moved to overrides
 - fire remote event
 - ext extend resolver fixed
 - viewport controller improvements

v0.16.1 2018-06-06T18:30:03Z
 - lib classes

v0.16.0 2018-05-30T06:43:55Z
 - Pcore::Share::WWW -> Pcore::Resources
 - www static removed
 - updates
 - ext builder updated
 - fa
 - onReady disabled
 - ext api calls updated
 - overrides moved to js files
 - ext locale fixed
 - localization
 - l10n.pot template updated
 - l10n removed
 - lib
 - theme fix

v0.15.0 2018-05-16T08:25:52Z
 - OOP app controllers ported
 - OOP role restored for HTTP controllers
 - OOP attr spec updated
 - TO_DATA removed

v0.14.1 2018-04-24T12:48:23Z
 - pcoreApi.js renamed

v0.14.0 2018-04-22T09:26:31Z
 - fontawesome 5 support added
 - use attributes

v0.13.8 2018-04-20T07:28:22Z
 - init pcore server api

v0.13.7 2018-04-17T11:02:38Z
 - pcoreApi.js added

v0.13.6 2018-04-12T18:26:03Z
 - result pragma replaced
 - access to http status using hash key

v0.13.5 2018-04-05T10:52:15Z
 - load et resources before www

v0.13.4 2018-04-05T06:31:08Z
 - dist.perl renamed to dist.yaml

v0.13.3 2018-03-18T23:01:29Z
 - amchart empty store fixed

v0.13.2 2018-03-18T06:26:36Z
 - app can define additional resources

v0.13.1 2017-09-12T10:23:40Z
 - utf8 json encode improved

v0.13.0 2017-08-28T21:09:48Z
 - combine all app classes
 - devel source map
 - pack locale to app
 - load overrides separately
 - use latest amcharts version

v0.12.2 2017-08-11T01:30:01Z
 - amcharts v3.21.4

v0.12.1 2017-08-06T14:59:14Z
 - encode json to readable form

v0.12.0 2017-08-01T09:38:27Z
 - l10n deferred calls updated

v0.11.2 2017-07-14T21:22:02Z
 - No issues on bugtracker were closed since the last release
 - l10n translation search fixed

v0.11.1 2017-07-14T10:29:02Z
 - No issues on bugtracker were closed since the last release
 - l10n fixed for empty translation

v0.11.0 2017-07-11T23:54:16Z
 - No issues on bugtracker were closed since the last release
 - amchart class improved

v0.10.0 2017-07-11T13:16:48Z
 - No issues on bugtracker were closed since the last release
 - store api token in cookies
 - use local http resources instead of cdn
 - overrides moved to extjs resources
 - l10n
 - pack js app during generation

v0.9.1 2017-07-04T05:20:27Z
 - No issues on bugtracker were closed since the last release
 - fix unicode chars in json generator

v0.9.0 2017-06-04T10:15:29Z
 - No issues on bugtracker were closed since the last release
 - $ext->ext_ methods were replaced with tied hashes

v0.8.0 2017-05-20T19:55:59Z
 - No issues on bugtracker were closed since the last release
 - util and mod_share removed from dist config
 - compatibility fixes for perl v5.26

v0.7.3 2017-05-16T14:16:40Z
 - No issues were closed since the last release

v0.7.2 2017-05-16T08:17:54Z
 - No issues were closed since the last release

v0.7.1 2017-05-15T16:24:23Z
 - No issues were closed since the last release

v0.7.0 2017-05-15T02:15:32Z
 - No issues were closed since the last release

v0.6.0 2017-05-08T22:31:38Z
 - No issues were closed since the last release

v0.5.0 2017-05-06T12:04:46Z
 - No issues were closed since the last release

v0.4.0 2017-05-05T22:41:44Z
 - No issues were closed since the last release

v0.3.4 2017-05-03T12:12:37Z
 - No issues were closed since the last release

v0.3.3 2017-05-03T09:01:13Z
 - No issues were closed since the last release

v0.3.2 2017-05-03T06:02:53Z
 - No issues were closed since the last release

v0.3.1 2017-05-02T21:39:35Z
 - No issues were closed since the last release

v0.3.0 2017-05-02T21:35:47Z
 - No issues were closed since the last release

v0.2.0 2017-05-02T18:25:34Z
 - No issues were closed since the last release

v0.1.0 2017-05-01T20:02:47Z
 - No issues were closed since the last release