Revision history for Perl module Mail::Alias.

1.12 21 October 2000
	Removed requirement to use Mail::Address which was never actually used
	delete() - changed matching so blank lines (^\s*$) are skipped in alias checking
	delete() - now returns undef if nothing done or "1" upon success
	Fix bug that saved object variables (start with _) in alias files when write() is used

 	Rewrite of README to separately address the legacy methods read(), write(), format()

	alias_check() - changed the match test to require that a FOUND alias is followed
	by either : or whitespace to eliminate match of "test" with "testxxxx"

1.11 3 September 2000
	Minor cleanup of README and perldoc
	Fixed the makefile for proper installation

1.10  Released 30 August 2000, first version by Tom Zeltwanger <>
	Added methods that act directly on sendmail alias files
	  including append(), delete(), update(), valid_alias()
	Added alias_file() to set the current filepath
		usemem() and usefile() to determine target media
		_init methods to setup object data upon creation
		error_check() to get the last error string

	Changed exists() to find aliases either in a file or in memory

1.6  Versions up to 1.06 by Graham Barr
	No change log information was available for Mail::Alias