How to Contribute

Help with DBD::Pg is always welcome. You do not have to know any code to help out - we also need help testing, answering questions, improving documentation, etc.


Bugs and problems can be reported at:

You can also report them here if you wish:


Questions about usage can be answered in a number of places:


You may find helpful people at #postgresql on

Lower volume but more technical discussions happen at #dbi on


The Slack channel #general at is full of helpful people


There is a low-volume mailing list for discussion about this module

Send an email to Before doing so, you probably want to subscribe by sending an email to


You can help by testing DBD::Pg as widely as possible. Running the tests on a wide variety of platforms, Postgres versions, DBI versions, and other factors is a great help in uncovering problems and improving DBD::Pg

Code development

Development happens in a git repo. The canonical location is currently at

Create your own copy of the repo by running:

git clone

See the file for more information about developing DBD::Pg