How to Contribute to Inline

Inline needs your help. Please consider contributing to the Inline project.
This document provides instructions and tips on how to do so.

Report any bugs or features "here"[].

Get the code:

  git clone

Run the tests:

  make test

Join other contributors on IRC:

Write tests, write code, and send pull requests on GitHub.

# Zilla-Dist

Inline currently uses a packaging system called Zilla-Dist (from CPAN). You
will need this to run some of the Makefile targets. Unless you are actually
releasing this code to CPAN, you probably don't need it.

If you do need Zilla::Dist, just install it from CPAN. It currently takes a
long time to install, but you only need to install it once. The fastest way to
install it is:

  cpanm -n Zilla::Dist