Command line tool to manage Google Apps via API 2.0.

Write new commands

Create file under lib/GoogleApps/Command/ (like

* how to write App::Cmd commands
* how to manage with Google API
* if needed see Google API doc

Running tests

$ prove -lr t


$ dzil test

dzil will build package before run tests.

Generating Debian PKG

Update debian/changelog

$ dch -v <version number>

Install Perl Module Dist::Zilla::Deb

$ dzil debuild

package will be generated under debuild directory

Bug/Issue tracking

Install 'ticgit' to see the list of issues. Ticgit is a issue tracking system
built on top of Git.

$ ti list

Releasing new version to CPAN

Before release, delete any untracked files, then:

$ dzil release

It will:

* run tests
* build a tarball
* upload to the CPAN