# General

I am always open to improvements and suggestions.
Use [issues](https://github.com/perl5-dbi/DBD-CSV/issues)

As this is a module inside the perl5 DBI group, additional
requirements might apply.

Communicate on IRC with the co-maints: irc.perl.org channel #dbi

# Style

I will never accept pull request that do not strictly conform to my
style, however you might hate it. You can read the reasoning behind
my [preferences](http://tux.nl/style.html).

I really do not care about mixed spaces and tabs in (leading) whitespace

Perl::Tidy will help getting the code in shape, but as all software, it
is not perfect. You can find my preferences for these in
[.perltidy](https://github.com/Tux/Release-Checklist/blob/master/.perltidyrc) and

# Requirements

The minimum version required to use this module is stated in