This module uses Dist::Zilla to create its' makefile.  CPAN and users
expect to be able to install a package using package that can be
installed using the standard:

  perl Makefile.PL
  make test
  make install

However, you'll note that there is no Makefile.PL in the git repository
at .  To create that
Makefile.PL (and also other essential files, such as the meta files that
describe the dependencies this module has), you need Dist::Zilla.  To
install Dist::Zilla :

  cpan Dist::Zilla              # Install Dist::Zilla
  cpan `dzil authordeps`        # Install the plugins I used

Then, you can create the distribution package using:

  dzil build

At this point, you will have a tarball and new directory that is not
checked into git.  If you change into that new directory (named
something like Term-Tmux-Layout-1.000), you will find the standard
Makefile.PL, metafiles, etc.

Dependencies should be auto-detected, unless something weird is done
with the dependencies (like evaluating them in an "eval()".

This module also uses POD Weaver, which simplifies the production
of POD documentation by eliminating much of the standard boilerplate.

To submit pull requests on Github, follow the standard Github
conventions (you can search on Google for information), but do not
check in any of the Dist::Zilla-generated files.

The Git repo is maintained on Github:

A bugtracker is available for this distribution at: