If you think this module is misbehaving, you can file a bug report

A working example of what the module is doing wrong is always a big


If you want to contribute new word pairs to the module, please edit
the file "abc.txt" in the top of the github repository:

The format used is documented at the top of the file. It uses the
format from my module Table::Readable. There are fields for each entry
for the three dialects and various possibilities. If you cannot
understand the format or aren't sure what to insert, just insert the
word pairs using the b:/a: fields only, I will finish it.


This module uses an unusual build system, but you don't need that to
build, test, and contribute to the module. Clone the repository from
github and build and test the module using

    perl Makefile.PL;make;make test

Please ignore the file "" in the repository. That file may
confuse cpan or cpanm, so I recommend sticking to the above.

If you want to work on the documentation, edit the file
lib/Lingua/EN/ABC.pod.tmpl in the repository. You won't be able to
build the pod from the template, but a pod viewer should be able to
handle the file.

(If you decide not to follow my advice but to look at the file, please note the Perl::Build module it uses is not the one
from CPAN. My module of the same name predates the CPAN thing. It used
to be on github, but it is now not published anywhere, and probably
never will be.)