Development of SOAP::WSDL takes place on

There's a svn repository available at

Engagement in the further development of this module is highly encouraged - 
many people have already contributed, and many more probably will.

I'm sometimes a bit slow in answering e-mails or merging in changes - 
so if you feel your changes are urgent, please set up a sourceforge account 
and ask me for commit permissions on the repository - I will happily accept 
you as co-author.

The (my) current roadmap for SOAP::WSDL is:

1.* Development of the 1.* tree has stopped - I won't get past 1.2x anymore...
2.* WSDL -> Perl Class factory with offline WSDL processing

- WSDL support for the most common type definitions
- Online-facility (SOAP::WSDL) using WSDL object tree directly
- usable code generator
- full namespace support when processing WSDL
- high performance when parsing WSDL messages - get nearly as fast as 

- Support for Apache-SOAP datatypes
- support for embedded atomic simpleType/complexType definitions
- Caching of WSDL object tree + generated code (when using SOAP::WSDL).
- Online-facility (SOAP::WSDL) using code generator via cache directory

Somewhere on the TODO list (in no particular order):

- validation
- typemaps for use with the type="tns:MyComplexType" XML attribute
- external entities support when parsing WSDL
- support all these XML Schema variants 
- support creating XML Schmema definitions via SOAP::WSDL::XSD::* ('minimal conformant')
- support other Schema definition languages than XML::Schema (maybe RelaxNG?)
- factor out SOAP::WSDL::XSD into it's own namespace (maybe just XSD ?)

July 2007,

Martin Kutter