Contributing to the development of PDF::Builder

We would appreciate the community around us chipping in with code, tests, 
documentation, and even just bug reports and feature requests. It's better 
knowing what users of PDF::Builder want and need, than for us to guess. It's 
not good to spend a lot of time working on something that no one is interested 

You can contribute to the discussion by posting bug reports, feature requests, 
observations, etc. to either the GitHub issues area,
PhilterPaper/Perl-PDF-Builder/issues?q=is%3Aissue+sort%3Aupdated-desc (please 
tag new threads accordingly ["Labels"]) or to the Forum on, 
https::// (please place a new topic in 
the appropriate area ["board"]). We will cross-post from one to the other as 
necessary. If you don't have an account on either system, and want to 
occasionally post something, there is a Contact form on the Forum where you can 
send in something for us to post. Please do not abuse this system -- if you are 
regularly posting via the Contact form, please take a minute to register on 
one or both systems. We do not use CPAN's "RT" bug tracking system.

Please also read INFO/RoadMap to get an idea of where we would like for 
PDF::Builder to be heading, and may give you an idea of where you could
usefully contribute. Don't be afraid to discuss or propose taking PDF::Builder
off in a direction not in the RoadMap -- the worst that could happen is that
we say, "thanks, but no thanks."

First of all, please read the section "Sofware Development Kit" under 
PDF::Builder::Docs. This will be of interest if you want to do anything beyond 
simply installing PDF::Builder as a prerequisite for some other package. You 
can also get to this via "SOME SPECIAL NOTES" section of the root documentation 
(PDF::Builder). You should create all the HTML documentation by running 
"docs/ --all" and read it before starting any serious work.

For code changes, a GitHub pull request, a formal patch file (e.g., "diff"), or 
even a replacement file or manual patch will do, so long as it's clear where it 
goes and what it does. If the volume of such work becomes excessive (i.e., a 
burden to us), we reserve the right to limit the ways that code changes can be 
submitted. At this point, the volume is low enough that almost anything can be 

Please do not start on a massive project (especially, new function), without 
discussing it with us first (via email or one of the discussion areas). This 
will save you the disappointment of seeing your hard work rejected because it 
doesn't fit in with what's going on with the rest of the PDF::Builder project. 
You are free to try contributing anything you want, or even to fork the project 
if you don't like the direction it's taking (that's how PDF::Builder split off 
from PDF::API2). Keeping in touch and coordinating with us ensures that your 
work won't be wasted. If you have something dependent on PDF::Builder 
functionality, but it doesn't fit our roadmap for core functionality, we may 
suggest that you release it as a separate package on CPAN (dependent on 
PDF::Builder), or as a new sub-package under PDF::Builder (e.g., like 
PDF::API2::Ladder), under either our ownership or yours.

Good luck, and best wishes using and helping with PDF::Builder!

December, 2019