# Contributing to Perl::Critic

These are the guidelines for contributing to the Perl::Critic repository.

## Issues

File an issue if you think you've found a bug. Please describe

1. How can it be reproduced
2. What was expected
3. What actually occurred
4. What version of the involved component

## Patches

Patches for fixes, features, and improvements are accepted via pull requests.

Pull requests should be based on the **dev branch**, unless you want to contribute to an active branch for a specific topic.

All contributions are welcome and most will be accepted.

Please see the [developer guidelines](https://github.com/Perl-Critic/Perl-Critic/blob/dev/README.developer) and the complete [developer documentation](https://metacpan.org/pod/Perl::Critic::DEVELOPER).

## Licensing and copyright

Please note that accepted contributions are included in the repository and hence under the same license as the repository contributed to.