Perlbal::Manual::Contributing - How to contribute to Perlbal


Perlbal 1.78.


This document aims at providing useful pointers for people wanting to contribute to Perlbal.

Knowing more about the project

There's a description of Perlbal's internals in Perlbal::Manual::Internals.

There's a list of to-do items at

Also, join the mailing list at

How to submit patches

Send your patch to the mailing list:

Preferred format is either a URL to your change, or a unified diff ("diff -u") attachment.

For bonus points, include your patch inline also for ease of inline commenting during code reviews, but be sure to also attach the patch or include a URL.

Be sure to follow local style conventions.

Project homepage
Code repository (git)
Mailing list
Bug Tracker and ToDo


Perlbal::Manual::Credits, Perlbal::Manual::Internals,