HACKING Test::Pod::Content


Test::Pod::Content uses a Subversion repository at 


Developer (commit) SVN access is restricted, but you may use the SVN version
for generating patches.

Patches should be generated as unified diff (svn can do this for you - try
svn help diff or just say 'svn diff --old .' in your Test::Pod::Content
working dir. You'll have to say 'svn add FILENAME' for new files before,
and 'svn revert FILENAME' afterwards).


Test modules require a high quality coding style, so Test::Pod::Content does
it's best to comply to the style laid out in Perl Best Practices by Damian

As always, there's a few exceptions:

   * The use of $@ is allowed for simplicity
   "use English" can induce subtle misbehaviours, and $@ really is a well-known

   * The use of "die" is allowed, because Test::Pod::Content never dies to 
   signal errors, but only to (reliably) terminate a Pod Parser run.
   It's pretty useless to croak on an exception that get's caught anyway.
   There are some die statements which might not get caught, but these are just 
   re-throwing previously-throwed exceptions.

The exceptions are configured in t/perlcriticrc.

The module may be criticised via

 perlcritic -profile t/perlcriticrc lib

December 2007 

Martin Kutter