When hacking on this repo

There are some live tests in xt/ which require real user credentials. All they do is create a file in Google Drive, and then delete it, in order to make sure that things are ACTUALLY running.

If you don't trust me, then please don't run those tests. They're part of the release process, so I'll just run them before releasing.

If you DO trust me (and I'm flattered), then you need to set the GAPI_XT_USER_CREDS environment variable to a string containing the gapi.json file, followed by : followed by the user to user. Like this:


And also set the GAPI_XT_SERVICE_CREDS to the service account file downloaded from Google.

Bug Reporting and General Help Requests

Github Repo Management

  • Aspiring to Trunk Based Developent
  • Relase branches are created when package is published to CPAN ( starting V1.12 )


  • There remain a few architectural bad smells from the original source code this was based on - don't assume that the class structure is sane
  • Pull reqeusts preferred but whatever works for you I will try to work with


  • Seek reviews from http://prepan.org/module.submit and similar
  • refactor to improve test coverage
  • clean up the test structure
  • survey other Google Perl modules
  • implement batch requests - really an interface question more than the technicalities
  • API worked examples with help functions
  • ability to examine CHI cache and introspect on Client instance metrics ( number of HTTP calls, cache size, TTL data sent/received etc )
  • comparison with other language Client libraries

Github Repo: [https://github.com/pscott-au/WebService-GoogleAPI-Client]

A few notes

dzil cover -outputdir docs/cover/