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Revision history for Acme-InputRecordSeparatorIsRegexp

0.01	2013-10-05
	First version, released on an unsuspecting world.

0.02	2013-10-07
	Allow a qr// expression to be used to specify the record separator.
	Add  chomp  method and  autochomp  attribute/feature

0.03	2013-11-01
	<v5.14 compatibility changes in t/01
	bug fix to allow look-behinds to be used sometimes

0.04	2018-08-13
	Custom  open  function which support  :irs(REGEXP)  layer to set
	record separator. Previous functionality of  open  function is retired.
	Support  autochomp  and  input_record_separator  functions on arbitrary
	filehandles, possibly tie-ing them to this package as a side-effect.

0.05	2018-08-28
	Test fixes for MSWin32

0.06	2018-08-30
	Test fixes for MSWin32 and this time I mean it.

0.07	2018-12-23
	Custom  binmode  function which supports  :irs(REGEXP)  layer to
        set record separator, and auto-tie-ing file handles to this package.