package Acme::Pi::Abrahamic;
use 5.008003;
our $VERSION = '7.77';

sub import {
    my $package = caller();
    no strict "refs";
    *{ $package . "::pi" } = \π

sub pi { 3 }

"Take that, subspace.";


=head1 Name 

Acme::Pi::Abrahamic - Pi as related by Abrahamic tradition.

=head1 Synopsis

 use Acme::Pi::Abrahamic;
 my $pi = pi();

 perl -MAcme::Pi::Abrahamic -le 'print pi'

=head1 Bugs

This module is irrefutable.

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=head1 See Also

1 Kings 7:23, 2 Chronicles 4:2.

=head1 Author

Ashley Pond V E<middot> E<middot> L<>.

=head1 License

You may redistribute and modify this package under the same terms as
Perl itself but only an agent of the Adversary would do so.

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