#!perl -w

use strict;
use Acme::Scurvy::Whoreson::BilgeRat;

my $insultgenerator = Acme::Scurvy::Whoreson::BilgeRat->new( language => 'insultserver' );

die "Urk, Couldn't load the Insult generator\n" unless $insultgenerator;

print $insultgenerator; # prints an insult

=head1 NAME

insultd - A random insult server, for self-flagellating maniacs

=head1 USAGE

Stick an entry in inetd that calls this program when anybody connects to a certain port.

Traditionally that port is 1695.

=head1 BUGS

Doesn't implement the logging or stats command line options.

Doesn't let you specify other config files.

=head1 AUTHOR

Simon Wistow <simon@thegestalt.org>

based on code by 

James Garnett <garnett@colorado.edu>


Copyright 2005, Simon Wistow

Distributed under the same terms as Perl itself.