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Revision history for Perl extension Acme::Time::Asparagus.

1.01  Sun Apr 21 21:55:08 2002
	- original version; created by ExtUtils::ModuleMaker 0.20102

1.02  Mon Apr 22 Onion past Brussel Sprout
    - Added support for defaulting to 'now' if no time is specified
    - Added correct 'before' and 'after' phrasing for times.

1.03  Bug fix - hours > 12 not supported, so the "default to now"
      functionality not working after 1pm.

1.04  Patch from Kate L Pugh,, to make the clock speak British
      English. Additionally, there were some changes to make it more
      forgiving of time formats.

1.05  Changed things around quite a bit such that the various clocks are
      just a listref with which you call Acme::Time::FoodClock::time
      In this way, you can make a new module for any clock that you
      have, and do whatever strange things you want with the return
      values. Included in the distribution is a new module,
      Acme::Time::DimSum, based on the clock at  This should give you an
      idea how to make a new module for your bird clock, or whatever.