Revision History for Algorithm::Munkres.

    A list of changes to the Algorithm::Munkres module.


   Version 0.08 (Algorithm::Munkres-0.08 Released on 22nd Oct 2008)
        These changes were contributed by Ken Williams (
	1. Prefer foreach(@x){...} rather than for($i=0;$i<@x;$i++){...}
	   because it tends to be faster and less verbose.
 	2. Exit early from loops when possible; this is a huge win for 
	   the find_a_zero() function in particular.
	3. Increase the minimum required version of perl to 5.006, 
	   because that's when the our() construct was introduced.
	4. Don't use a 99999999999 sentinel in find_smallest().

   Version 0.07 (Algorithm::Munkres-0.07 Released on 9th Aug 2007)
	1. Bug Fix: Added re-initialization code for global variables to the 'assign' subroutine. (Thanks to Gabriel Cardona!)
	2. Added a test-case: t/DoubleInvoke.t

   Version 0.06 (Algorithm::Munkres-0.06 Released on 14th Sep 2005)
        1. Modified to correct the version number.

   Version 0.05 (Algorithm::Munkres-0.05 Released on 30th Nov 2004)
        1. Modified Makefile.PL to remove a warning message being displayed during installation of the module.

   Version 0.04 (Algorithm::Munkres-0.04 Released on 28th Nov 2004)
        1. Modified and Makefile.PL to support Perl v5.004 and higher.

   Version 0.03 (Algorithm::Munkres-0.03 Released on 21th Nov 2004)
        1. Modified to handle rectangular matrices
		2. Added test cases to check for rectangular matrices
		3. Updated perldoc for and README accordingly	

    Version 0.02 (Algorithm::Munkres-0.02 Released on 17th Nov 2004)
		1. Updated perldoc for
		2. Removed installation instructions from README and moved it to INSTALL.
		3. Removed diagnostic messages from
		4. Rectified a bug in the steptwo subroutine of
		(The array index variable for row cover matrix was incorrect)
		5. Added few more test cases.

    Version 0.01 (Algorithm::Munkres Released on 13th Nov 2004)
		Algorithm::Munkres released on CPAN
		Note: This version did not have an explicit version number in its name.