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Revision history for Perl extension Algorithm::RandomMatrixGeneration.

0.06  Thu Mar 27, 2008

	- Modified Makefile.PL to require Math::BigFloat 1.58

0.05  Tue Mar 25, 2008

	- relaxed Perl version requirement to 5.6
	- Modified Makefile.PL to better support META.yml

0.04  Wed May 17, 2006

	- Modified the requirement of Perl 5.8.5 to 5.8
	- Corrected the t/*.t files

0.03  Mon May 15, 2006

	- Handles the case of negative marginals - if a marginal of the 
	given matrix is negative then generates appropriate positive and 
	negative cell values such that the marginal of the resultant 
	row/column is the required negative value.

0.02  Mon Apr 24, 2006

	- Generates real valued matrix only if either of the input 
	marginals is real valued else generates integer valued matrix.

	- Stores the matrix in sparse format. That is, not every value 
	of the returned array is defined but only non-zero values are 
	stored in the matrix.

0.01  Sat Mar 18 20:06:48 2006
	- original version; created by h2xs 1.23 with options
		-AXc -n Algorithm::RandomMatrixGeneration