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Revision history for Algorithm::SetCovering:

0.05 11/27/2003
    (ms) Applied patch by Julien Gervais-Bird
         <> fixing an endless loop in case
         keys don't cover all the required locks. () is returned
         in this case now as well as in the case where a solution
         to open no locks at all is requested.

0.04 11/22/2003
    (ms) Added comment by Julien Gervais-Bird 
         <> on limits of greedy algorithm

0.03 06/07/2003
    (ms) Fixed perl 5.006 dependency according to report at
         Also added dependency on Log::Log4perl 0.27

0.02 05/20/2003
    (ms) Added Greedy Algorithm

0.01 05/18/2003
    (ms) Where it all began